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Snowman Wreath Tutorial 2014


snowman-mittensRe-posted by request 9/28/15

Snowman Wreath Tutorial


XX751150 24″ White Iridescent Pencil Wreath

XX167950 10″ White Iridescent Pencil Wreath

XB94610-01 10″ White Iridescent Snowball Mesh – 4 Rolls

3352320 RAZ Red Plaid Top Hat (no longer available)


9/28/15 Update – tutorial was written in 2014 and some of the items will be sold out. Here are some alternative suggestions. Also the 10″ Other styles of white 10″ mesh can be substituted. We do not recommend splitting 21″ mesh to make 10″ x 10″ ruffles.

RE1301R1 White with White Foil 10″ Mesh

RE130227 White Solid, No Foil 10″ Mesh

3519169 RAZ 11″ Red Felt Top Hat

MTX49061 Elf Arms with Mittens

3119041 RAZ Black Felt Top Hat

3453369 RAZ Red Fabric Top Hat

37571 Red Branches


Prepare Wreaths:

The first thing we did was create a “crosshair” across the center of the 10″ and 24″ wreaths. We did this by using a piece of a Glitter Twig Garland with the twists removed. The Glitter Twig Garland is flexible enough, but also stiff enough to hold it’s shape well. We wanted the snowman to be nice and full in the center, so the crosshair was placed to have an area to attach clusters of mesh. You could use Pencil Garland, chenille stems, zip ties or heavy floral wire also.


XX742937 Lime Green Glitter Twig Garland

Note: Glitter Garland is sold out and no longer available. You can use chenille stems, zip ties, heavy gauge wire.

We snipped off the twists from the Glitter Twig Garland and saved them to be used later to secure clusters of curls. It’s not necessary to snip them off, but sometimes the twists just aren’t in the place you need to them to be, so we just snipped them off.

Create Curls:

The Snowball Mesh rolls are 10″ wide and 10 yards in length. We cut strips that were 10″ in lengths giving us a 10″ square of mesh.

We use a 24″ x 36″ self healing Omnigrid Cutting Mat and a 45mm Omnigrid Rotary Cutter (these are available at Amazon and we have included our affiliate links.)

The mesh tends to roll up which is just right for making curls, but you might want to roll them just a little tighter, maybe with a diameter of 1.5″. Roll up the curl and inch in the center. Hold three curls together pinched in the center to make a cluster.

Attach this cluster of curls to any one of the twists on the 10″ wreath. We created the 10″ wreath first for the head of the snowman. After we had gone all the way around the wreath adding clusters, we added four more clusters to the center of the wreath using the cross-hair we had added.

To add a cluster to the cross-hair, hold the cluster of three curls and place half a chenille stem over the pinched up center, twist a couple of times from underneath the cluster. Place the cluster over one of the wire in the center of the wreath and twist the chenille stem together from the bottom of the wreath. Place one cluster on each wire. This should fill up the center nicely.

Once the head was made, we did the same technique using the 24″ Pencil Work Wreath. When we had placed clusters of curls in each twist of the wreath, we placed 8 more clusters in the center of the wreath to make it equally as full as the 10″ wreath.

Secure Wreath Together:

We attached the head of the snowman to the body using two zip ties. On our first attempt, we secured them too tightly together and lost some of the shape of the head…..he became a “no neck” snowman))) So the zip ties were clipped and we connected again not so tightly. Also it helped to have a “scarf” around the neck too.

Attach Arms

You can attach arms to the snowman, but keep in mind, if you plan to use him on your door take the width into consideration.

We tried several different items for arm…..Mitten Arms, Burlap Holly Branches, Twig Branches and a piece of twig garland.


MTX49061 Elf Mitten Arms

11/1/15 These 26″ Arms are sold out for the season, no more coming in. We do have some smaller arms.

Another item that might work – Metallic Twig Spray.


Anything that you use for arms should be secured to the Work Wreath Frame. The twig branches were folded and shaped into a smaller branch for arms.


kg2927 Paper Birch Twig


The Burlap Holly Spray is red and green and added a little color to the snowman.


XS0777T3 Burlap Holly Berry Spray

Note: The Burlap Holly Berry Spray is no longer available.

Add a Scarf:

You could make a scarf out of any number of things. We used a 4″ Red Burlap Wire Edge Ribbon and just secured it with some Gold Twist Ball Ties.


RA132024 Red Loose Weave Burlap 4″

Note: 4″ Red Loose Weave Burlap Ribbon is sold out – you can use other ribbon, a scarf, or folded fabric or a real scarf.

Ball Ties are very handy for securing items, great for adding garland to a Christmas tree, or using for gathering points in garland, swags, ribbons. You can use them for securing burlap or mesh to chair backs….all sorts of uses. We also have some balls on bungee cords which are great for securing pieces to staircase rails, lamp posts, etc.


XX086508 Gold Ball Pencil Ties

Note: The Gold Ball Pencil Ties are sold out – but we have other colors. Browse Ball Ties

Create Face:

We cut circles out of some black craft foam (purchased at WalMart) for the eyes. The nose was a rolled up piece of orange paper mesh that we had on our craft table. You could also use craft foam, burlap, any sort of piece of scrap you might have on hand. Just make a cone shape, flatten it to the side a bit and secure with hot glue, or put a piece of floral wire or chenille stem on it and secure to the work wreath  (remember you have that extra wire that we added to the center of the wreath) so you could attach it to that wire instead of the frame.


The mouth was made using a piece of jute garland we had as a scrap. It was just folded on itself a couple of times and shaped into a quirky smile. You could also use black chenille stems.

Attach Hat

We have several different hats that you could use for this snowman. The softer, collapsible, hats were easier to attach that the heavier felt or sisal ones. The RAZ Red Plaid hat was stuff with a bit of brown paper to fill out the top (it is shipped flat).


3352320 RAZ Red Plaid Top Hat

Note: This RAZ Top Hat is sold out – substitutions listed above.

We then took a cardboard core from a 10″ roll of mesh and flattened one end of it. The other end was poked into the paper that filled the hat. The flattened end was poked down between the rings of the Work Wreath. The cardboard core could be secured to the work wreath with a zip tie. We just had our hat sitting on top of the cardboard core, but you could also use some hot glue, or thread a small floral wire through the hat and attach to the Work Wreath frame.

The RAZ Faux Leather Top Hat worked well for the Snowman too.





3352319 RAZ Faux Leather Hat



We used almost 4 rolls of the Snowball Mesh for the snowman. Overall it measured about 40″ in length and 24-25″ in width, not counting any arms.

Here are a few more images of the different versions we did.










26 Responses to “Snowman Wreath Tutorial 2014”

  1. AJ says:

    Is this waterproof?

  2. Stacey says:

    Can you use basic mesh for the snowman?

  3. Linda Duffy says:

    Can’t find the pencil wreaths in stores in my area. How many chenille stems would I need on each wreath?

  4. Sarah Albin says:

    How many rolls of mesh would you need to just make the snowman head?

    I love your tutorials! I have made some adorable wreaths thanks to you!!

    • JeanniePence says:

      2 Rolls of 10″ wide mesh using a 10″ Work Wreath, it won’t take all the second one, but you’ll need a few pieces off to it to fill in the center. Using 3 layers of curls to each twist.

      Thanks, hope you’ll shop with us someday, we have all sorts of wreath making supplies))

  5. Stacey says:

    Is it possible to use 12″ deco mesh, I can’t find the 10″ in my craft stores?

  6. Cyndi says:

    love this!!! how did you make the nose?

    • JeanniePence says:

      The nose was made of a piece of paper mesh we had as a scrap, just rolled into a cone shape, flattened at the base end and attached with hot glue.

  7. Linda Smyers says:

    I love this. I’m going to attempt to make one. Thank you

  8. Kim wilson says:

    Omg I love this .I going try to do this .

  9. Brenda Tackett says:

    Do you make these and sell them?

  10. Patsy Blair says:

    Love this! I would love to make my own. How much for all of the materials to make this and how do I order the materials?

    • JeanniePence says:

      Thank you Patsy. We sell the items on Trendy Tree that we use in our tutorials. This is an older tutorial but some of the supplies are still in stock, and you can always substitute other items. The supplies we used are listed at the beginning of the tutorial. The hat is sold out for sure….but we have other top hats and the mesh is still in stock.

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