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Pink Purple Valentine Wreath


2918 Pink and Purple Valentine Wreath Tutorial


MD010827 White Heart Wreath Form

RC127722 Pink Glitter Tulle

RC127723 Purple Glitter Tulle

RC127734 White Glitter Tulle

RS400007 Fuchsia Deco Flex Ribbon

RS4006c1 – Fuchsia Iridescent Flex Ribbon

RS4006C6 – Purple Flex Ribbon

RJ403223 – 1.5″ Purple Metallic

RG0166802 – 1.5″ Bold Hearts


We did two Facebook lives for this tutorial and we’ll share those links here. It would have taken too long to do a complete tutorial live, so we showed the beginning of how to tie on the strips of material, and then what the wreath looked like at the end. In summary, we cut the tulle strips in 12″ length and the flex ribbon in 12″ length. The last two ribbon were reserved to make a bow at the end.

Here’s the link for the beginning of the tutorial:


Here’s the video showing the finished wreath:

Pointers: Just tie the strips on to the wreath form with a slip knot. Tug on the strip to make it snug, but on the flex ribbon tug closely to the knot and not out at the end of the ribbon, it will stretch.

To keep the center heart shaped, you may have to trim a little of the strips around the “V”

Make a hanger for the wreath with a couple of chenille stems.

We alternated the pieces in no particular pattern. Just make sure you add on enough strips to cover the wire well. We had product left over of the tulle and the ribbon.

We made a simple loop bow with the two 1.5″ ribbons, and also had ribbon left over from these spools.


Below are some suggestions for a similar wreath using red products. ‘

RC127724 – Red Glitter Tulle

RC127733 – Black Silver Glitter Tulle

RC127708 – Gold Glitter Tulle

RS4024K1 – Red Black Flex Ribbon

RS4003AN – Crimson Flex Ribbon

RS4003C8 – Black Gold Flex Ribbon

RJ203008 .75″ Gold Metallic