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Gumdrop Candy Decorations


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Gumdrop candy decorations really bring back memories. This RAZ Gumdrop Tree and Gumdrop Ball ornament are new this year from the RAZ Do Not Open Til Christmas collection.

The Gumdrop Tree is about 10″ in ht and the ball is about 3″ in width. Both are made of plastic and make no sticky mess!! Yayy!

Gumdrops are a favorite for decorating gingerbread houses, making ornaments and all sorts of goodies at Christmas. Matt and I had tackled making some gumdrop ornaments a few years ago. We started out with big aspirations.

We started with a 5″ or 6″ smooth ball ornament. Heck it could have been larger than that, maybe even an 8″ or 10.”

We picked up a couple of bags of gumdrops, not the spicy kind. Never the spicy kind. We ate to few to test of course.

Armed with a hot glue gun, my job was to put hot glue on the bottoms of the gumdrops and his was to stick them on the ornament. We chose a random order, no patterns or anything.

Well, let me tell you, that ornament got heavy! We used up two bags of gumdrops and had to go back and get more, and still never finished! That big ornament was so heavy it would have taken a 1″ limb to hang on!

So, that was one project which sounded like a good idea, but didn’t turn out so well. Ever have a project like that? It happens. We had good intentions and it was a good idea, we should have just started smaller. A 3″ or so size ornament would have been perfect.

Or, you could just buy the gumdrop ball and gumdrop tree on Trendy Tree!

No mess, no clean up, no sticky hands. It’s always a trade off. Do the real thing if you’re making memories. But if  you’re just going for the look, make it easy on yourself with these gumdrop goodies from RAZ. Coming to Trendy Tree soon!



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