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Facebook Live with Mevo


A few months ago we started using the Mevo camera for our Facebook Live videos. It has worked well and we’ve been pleased with the quality.

The Mevo Camera is a little pricey at first, but the process of setting up a Facebook Live is easy. The Mevo also contains a memory card that saves your video and this can be used to upload to another program such as YouTube etc.

We purchased the Mevo Bundle for Trendy Tree – the camera, the booster and the case. We have not been disappointed. Our only problem has been the upload speed. We live in a rural area and upload speed is very important when streaming video. You need 5-6 mbps at least. So you might want to test your upload speed before even considering a camera purchase. Right now, we do our Facebook Live Events from Willard’s Small Engines (my brother’s shop). He has a better upload speed than we do at Trendy Tree so that’s why you see the parts in the background)))

You can always live stream using a smartphone, but the camera gives additional features.

There are two offers on Amazon for the Mevo Bundle. One has a less expensive price which you can see here; but the other product listing (here)  has a lot of questions answered and several reviews so you might want to browse both products if interested.

The camera is easy to operate and you just have to download the app to your smartphone or Ipad. We use an Iphone to connect, then open up Facebook on an Ipad Pro so we can follow the comments and see the actual video. You can also operate just using the Ipad.

The Mevo camera operates via wi-fi. This blog post isn’t a tutorial to explain exactly how to set up your live presentation, but you can find all that information on the Mevo website.

The camera comes with a charging cord and a tiny, tiny memory card. The camera also includes a memory card adapter that you insert the tiny memory card into, to fit into your computer. If you wanted to purchase just the camera, you can find it here on Amazon.

The Boost piece, is an additional battery so that you can broadcast longer. It too comes with a charging cable. The reason we purchased it was because it has an Ethernet and a USB port. We live in a rural area without the best internet service. Having the option to connect directly with an Ethernet cable was a plus for us instead of just relying on wi-fi.


Here’s a link to the Boost on Amazon.

The camera case was an added bonus. Even if it had not been included in the bundle we purchased, after having used it, it’s well worth the money. At first my thoughts were….hey…we can put this in any kind of a camera case. But the special case is designed to hold the camera, Boost, cables and the adapter card. It has been well worth the money to have everything fit snuggly in it’s own place.



Our case shows both chargers and it’s still easy to close. Here’s a link to just the case at Amazon.

The only other thing you need to get started is a tripod. We had a couple of tripods already and one of our old ones worked just fine. There are hundreds of tripods out there to choose from and you can even find pretty good ones at Walmart or Target.

The Mevo Bundle is fairly costly, but you save money by purchasing the bundle if you think that you may want the extra components later.

Our next purchase will be a small blue tooth remote to turn the video off and on)))










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