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Decorating Carrie’s House 2016 – Dining Room


Carrie’s 2016 dining room decorations were inspired by the RAZ 2016 Coastal Collection. We didn’t actually stock many items from that collection, but we pulled in ornaments, sprays and ribbons from other areas to re-create the look. The RAZ Coastal Christmas is shown below.




We started with “twin” trees for the dining room. The trees were 7.5″ flocked flat wall trees that came in pots.


You can do so much with the trees and all in less space! It takes way less decorations to finish this tree because you don’t decorate the back, and you really have little to add to the sides. The decorations are mainly just placed on the front of the tree.

Fluff out the branches as with any artificial tree. The pot is sturdy and the tree never felt like it would tip over or anything like that. Even though the trees were 7.5″ we used them in the corners of the dining room and wanted to elevate the height more. This was achieved by placing each tree on a plastic tub which raised it another 14″ to 16″ The tubs were then covered up with burlap.


Ornaments were the first things placed on the tree and we chose several different styles from items in stock. They were not all RAZ products but a collection of items from other suppliers.


This Snowflake Finial from RAZ comes in two different styles, made of glass and measures about 9″ The SKU number is 3522995 and they are sold as a set of two.



This clear glass ornament is also from RAZ and comes in three different styles:  round, finial and kismet. They have a pearl color glittered scroll pattern. The SKU is 3522985 and they are sold as a set of three, one of each style.


This ornament from RAZ is made of plastic….sure doesn’t look it it does it. It comes in three different shapes: round, finial and kismet and ranges in size from 5″ to 7″ They are sold in sets of three, one of each style. The SKU number is 3532014.


One of the ribbons was a RAZ turquoise and ivory metallic pattern, 4″ in width and wire edge. The SKU is R3527743 and it comes on a 10 yard roll. The other ribbon was a 4″ quatrefoil pattern in beige and ivory. The SKU number is RG136201 and it also comes on a 10 yard roll. mtx54853-gold-metallic-2-5-inch

Also a 2.5″ gold metallic ribbon was used, not visible in the above photo. The SKU number MTX54853 and it comes on a 10 yard roll.




The sprays were RAZ Gold Magnolia leaf sprays. The leaves are shaded and some are glittered. The SKU is F3411939


The table runner was just made with 18″ loose weave burlap which comes on a roll of 10 yards. It’s very handy to use as a table runner, and it was also used to cover up the tubs that the dining room trees were elevated on. The SKU is RK9018. The loose weave burlap ( I call it the cheap burlap) is also available in a 6″ and 12″ width.


The pearly beads hanging from the light fixture were 21″ Hanging Bead Spray in a pear color. The SKU number is MC123651 and they are sold as a minimum of three pieces. Little snippets of these sprays were also used to form napkin rings. A small piece of some burlap roping was used also as the napkin ring (this was just a scrap of some roping we had and isn’t on the website.)


Sorry, this isn’t a great image, but the top of the china cabinet was decorated with a RAZ nativity piece, same ribbons used and some wood lanterns with battery candles. The bead sprays were also used and some synthetic peacock feathers in a vase.

The RAZ Nativity Set is a 6 piece set made of polyresin from the 2016 Starry Night Collection. The SKU is 3509819

The faux peacock feather SKU is F3303014.



Battery candles with timers are perfect for hard to reach places like the top of the china cabinet! Also these candles (not visible in the lanterns in this image) also operate from a remote. The 57476 5″ Simplux white wax candle comes in a set of two candles with one remote. Once you use these remote operated candles, I promise, you won’t use anything else))

On to the next area – the Foyer and stairwell.