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Cedar Mantel Garland with Lights


For my mantel this year, I chose a cedar garland. This isn’t a Trendy Tree cedar garland, they are already sold out! So, I picked one up and fluffed it out using the same technique that you use on fluffing a wreath. Pull some of the limbs towards the sides and some straight up.

To make this garland stand out more, I added a strand of 100 clear tiny lights. My mantel has electrical outlets on each end of the mantel built into the flat surface of the mantel. We did this on purpose when we were building our house just so I could decorate my mantel with ease))) No more having to hide extension cords hanging off the ends of the mantel. We used tiny clear lights and G-40 multicolor lights on our tree, so I wanted to carry the theme on to the mantel.


I also used a timer so the lights come on automatically around 6:00 PM and stay on until midnight, then back on again around 6:00 AM and off by 8:00 am. I like having the Christmas lights on when the grandkids stop by in the mornings for breakfast.


I also added some large multicolor ball lights. Again….I took the last two sets that we had at Trendy Tree! Sorry, guys, but I needed them for myself this time. But you can create this same effect by using some of the old fashioned multicolor Christmas tree lights too.

Here’s a short video of the outcome.