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Black and White Decor All Year Long


Black and white has always been a popular color theme. Nowadays you see it year from from Spring through Winter.

Black and white ribbons in all styles and designs are very popular year round. From the checkered plaid, to strips and polka dots. Seems like we can always find a place to tuck a few loops of black and white ribbon. Check out the ribbon selection we have at Trendy Tree….close to 1,000 styles!


Spring brought some new black and white items to Trendy Tree. One of the most popular was a black white checked bunny. It sold out quickly! Here’s a few other spring items.


And never fear, you will see black and white this fall and winter. Here’s a little sneak peek at some items we saw at market that will be finding their way to Trendy Tree around July or so.


We found these little scarecrow people at market and they are decked out in the black white checked clothing. There were pumpkins to match too. Can’t way for these guys to arrive to Trendy Tree. They will make their debut sometime in the summer.


Black and white is always a good color for Halloween. Love the striped legs….and the details on the shoe. This will be a new product for us this year too.

Having some fun in the showroom! Yes, this huge spider will be among our summer arrivals.

And what would be Christmas without some black and white decor. You can use red and green with it, it’s a very compatible color for so many decorations.

RAZ always amazes us with their snowman head tree toppers. They’re good for using on, or on top of a tree, or a table top decoration too. Both these guys will be very popular. The hats are decorated with just a sprig of greenery and they have such sweet faces!

Believe this checkered Poinsettia was from the RAZ showroom, but not for sure. We have it ordered anyway! Love the addition of the silver jingle bells. This really gives it that little extra touch and the puff ball edging. Special touches….I think this was RAZ))

This is but one pattern of black white ornaments, we will have more coming. But doesn’t it just give a pop! Can’t wait for these to arrive. This would be a good year round ornament to use in wreaths too. Ornaments are not just for Christmas trees)))

So, if you find something black and white….grab it up! It will be in vogue all season!