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Add a Touch of Spring with Pillows


Can’t wait for spring to get here? Neither can we! But went shopping yesterday for some things for the office and ran across these pretty spring pillows.

Had to have them)))  Love the colors and since ” living coral” is the color of the year….I’m fashionable))) lol


A Pantone color choice or not…..coral is just about my most favorite color. The house has lots of neutrals in it, so I can change my splash of color without too much expense. Love peonies too…well I think these are peonies….I’m not sure))) But I love the pillow an d just wanted to share)))

The pillow came from Kirklands and is called Watercolor Floral Pillow with Rickrack Trim. You can also get 15% off by using the code “friends” at Kirklands. Wish I had know this in advance….every little bit helps))

You know how it is when you go shopping and find things you’re not really looking for at that time! Well this happened to me yesterday. Rachel and I were shopping for some things to decorate the home office with. We shopped Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Kirklands and Hobby Lobby. Think on this trip we bought something from every store this run but TJ Maxx. Love TJ Maxx, just didn’t have what we needed on this occasion.

Look at the gorgeous finds at Home Goods. Once  we get them sorted out in the house we’ll post some pics.

Look at that gold easel! It was a steal!  I can add a little “S” hook at the top or a screw to hang wreaths when I’m working. You know how you need to hang your wreath and stand back to look at it to see where you need to adjust here and there. It will be perfect for that, and be pretty all at the same time! It’s not a heavy duty easel, but it will work for my purposes. It’s available on Amazon too. Deco 79 27389 Easel 46″ x 22″ Gold


And look at the red tulips. Love them. Would have liked pink better….but red is great too. You can’t see it in the basket…but the tulips are in a large clear vase. One of those that looks like water in the bottom. I was thinking of using these in my bedroom, but they may go on my dining table. When we’re not eating….Carrie fusses at me for having a centerpiece on the table that obstructs view. Miss Manners she is now))

More images comes when I get these items place in the house. Were working on the office first and got some new goodies to hang on the wall and also using some finds from Trendy Tree. More coming!


living color, floral pillow, coral pillow

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