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2018 Thanksgiving Wreath Tutorial


Thanksgiving Wreath

Purchase Supply Kit here: 2018 Thanksgiving Wreath Supply Kit

Please note, that even after the kits or individual products have sold out, we will leave the tutorial since the basic instructions can be followed and choices of other products made.

Kit Includes:

MD0392 Thankful Grateful Blessed Sign – 1

XX750360 Evergreen 24″ Pencil Wreath – 1

RE1302E4 10″ Apple Lime Moss Deco Poly Mesh – 1

XB97910-08 10″ Moss Fabric Mesh – 1

DS15-7090 1.5″ Ecru Glitter Ribbon – 1

RG0168304 2.5″ Orange Plaid Ribbon – 1

X14709-10 1.5″ Orange Burgundy Crosshatch Ribbon – 1

X813740-38 2.5″ Thankful Ribbon – 1



Ruffle Technique: We used the ruffle technique with two styles of 10″ mesh. One was fabric mesh and the other plain, no foil mesh. We cut the ruffles in 15″ lengths. Applied two ruffles (one of each style of mesh) to each twist. We alternated between the two mesh styles as to which mesh would be on top. You don’t have to do this, but you can. One roll of mesh isn’t enough, but it doesn’t take all of two rolls. You could also just use one styles of 10″ mesh and cut your ruffles in 30″ lengths. Make one ruffle for each twist. We have watched Lori, Hard Working Mom do this several times. The wreaths come out looking the same, and the fewer cuts you have in your mesh, the less raveling. You will still have some raveling no matter what you do.

Ribbon Strips: We chose four ribbons  for this project, two were 2.5″ and two were 1.5″. We chose three of the ribbons to do strips and one of the 2.5″ ribbons to make a bow. Ribbon strips were cut 14″ in length. In hindsight, this was a bit long. After the wreath was finished, we went back and shortened the strips. So you might want to do a test strip before you start cutting. Ribbons can always be trimmed at the end, but you don’t want to cut them too short to start with. Just make them the length you prefer.

We made a cluster of three ribbon and attached a ribbon cluster to each twist. We did not undo the twist, we just layed the ribbon cluster down in the twist and gave it a couple of turns. You can do either way. In the past, we have undone the twist, placed the ribbon cluster on top of the ruffles and then closed the twist back over all the pieces.

We made the first bow using the 2.5″ Thankful ribbon and one of the 1.5″ ribbons as a contrast. After we trimmed the ribbon strips, we decided to make another bow, with a few more loops, and only used the one 2.5″ Thankful ribbon. This ribbon has printed words and we wanted the words all going in one direction. We left off the contrasting ribbon, you can do either way. You don’t even have to do ribbon strips. If you prefer you can make 3-4 bows and just had bows to your wreath.

Sometimes you really can’t tell what’s working best until you step back and look at the wreath, or in my case, look at a photograph.

Here’s the “before” image:




Attach Sign: The sign is made of metal and has a hole in each corner. There is also a burlap string that we did not use. We just placed a piece of floral wire (chenille stem may show) in each corner and attached the sign to the wreath frame. Be careful not to push the sign down too far into the wreath or the writing will be covered up and you can’t read it. Just lightly secure it and check your placement before securing it better. It’s a lot harder to undo things once they have been secured tightly. You may want to make a hanger for your wreath before attaching the sign and bow to help keep your orientation. Bow was secured with a chenille stem.

The finished wreath measured about 26″ in diameter. Be sure to check the back of your wreath when done for any sharp objects, etc. Fluff your ribbons and make a hanger with a couple of zip ties, floral wire or chenille stems.

We made a second bow using just the Thankful ribbon. It was a bit larger or had more loops and no contrasting ribbon. Here’s a video.


Happy Wreathing!