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2018 Rise and Shine Wreath Tutorial


Need a good everyday project that not particularly seasonal? This Rise and Shine wreath works! Here’s the supplies that we used and you can also buy the supplies as a kit – while supplies last.

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XX750425 24″ Royal Blue Pencil Wreath – 1

MD0415 Rise and Shine Sign – 1

RE1302MM – 10″ Denim Mesh  – 2 Rolls

RG0166729 1.5″ Yellow Raised Stitched Squares Ribbon – 1

RG1279LT – 2.5″ Fresh Green Ribbon – 1

RG0165102 – 1.5″ Black Swiss Dots Ribbon – 1

RG0180024 – 2.5″ Red White Check Ribbon

Purchase Wreath Supply Kit: 2018 Rise and Shine Wreath Supply Kit

This blog post will be left up even after the kits and/or supplies have sold out since you can follow these basic instructions to make a similar wreath.


We did the ruffle technique to make this wreath. The video is an somewhat edited version of a Facebook live.

Wreath: We used a 24″ Royal Blue Pencil Wreath, but you could also use a 24″ Work Wreath or other colors of wreaths. Our 24″ Work Wreath and Pencil Wreath measures 15″ across the widest metal ring and results in a completed wreath that measure 24″ or greater, depending on what all you put on it.

Mesh: We used two rolls of denim blue mesh. This mesh had no foil and was 10″ in width and 10 yards in length. It doesn’t take all of the two rolls to make the wreath, but one roll is not enough.

We cut the mesh in 30″ length. We cut 18″ pieces and put one ruffle in each twist around the wreath. You will have some raveling, all mesh ravels, but the fewer cuts you make in a wreath, the less raveling you have. So with the 30″ ruffle, as compared to three 10″ ruffles in a twist, you have less raveling.

Our mesh was cut using a 60 mm rotary cutter on a self-healing cutting mat. We don’t sell these items on Trendy Tree any more, but we do have affiliate links if you are interested in purchasing. You can also buy extra blades for the rotary cutter.

Fiskars 60mm Classic Stick Rotary Cutter

Fiskars 60mm Replacement Blades

Omnigrid 24″ x 36″ Gridded Mat

To make the ruffles, just take on of the 30″ length and scrunch up through the middle. It’s a pretty good handful, but just secure that in the twist with a couple of turns. It doesn’t matter if you start on the outside ring or inside, just do what is most comfortable for you.

Ribbon: Ribbon can be added to a wreath in many different ways. Four rolls of ribbon come in the kit so you have a lot of options. We chose to make ribbon strips with three of the styles of ribbon and reserved the 2.5″ red white check ribbon to make one big bow.

The ribbon strips were cut 14″ in length. In hindsight, we decided the ribbon strips were a little long and we trimmed them, so you might want to cut them 12″ in length, or just do a test ribbon before you cut your ribbon strips and decide. If you don’t want to do ribbon strips, you can do loops or small bows. Or, you can just back 3-4 large bows and use them on the wreath. A ribbon cluster of the three ribbons was placed in each twist around the wreath. For this tutorial we did not undo the twist to secure the ribbon cluster, but you can do either way. Sometimes we will undo the twist, and lay the ribbons right on top of the ruffle and secure everything back together.

Sign: The sign was secured with floral wire, or you could use chenille stems. You will want to use full length stems since you don’t want to bury your sign in the mesh, it needs to be out front more. Find you position before you secure the sign completely. We just did ours in the center.

The large loop bow was secured at the bottom of the wreath.

Check the back of your wreath for anything sharp that needs to be covered or protected, clip your strings and fluff your ribbons. You can make a hanger out of chenille stems, floral wire, or zip ties.

Happy Wreathing!