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2018 Patriotic Wreath Supply Kit


We do our best at Trendy Tree to listen to customers so here you go! Another kit full of supplies to make a Patriotic wreath.

Included in the kit:

XX748824 – 24″ Red Work Wreath -1

HJ9004 – Uncle Sam 3- Piece – 1

RY830082 – 10″ Navy Cream – 1 Roll

RY800449 – 10″ Red Cream – 1 Roll

RG0166524 – 2.5″ Bold Stars – 1

RG1837A1 – 2.5″ Stars Stripes – 1

RG0165727 – 1.5″ Glitter Stars – 1

More about the Products:

24″ Red Work Wreath: Our 24″ work wreaths measure 15″ across the widest ring. With the addition of mesh, ribbons etc, you wind up with a wreath that measures 24″ in width or greater.

JH900 Uncle Sam: This is a fabric top hat and legs. The hat is lightly stuffed and has three wires on the back for attaching.

The wires are notorious for hanging up in the mesh, so sort of find your placement before attaching to say yourself some grief))) The legs have wires for attaching and also for shaping.

You can hang the legs from the bottom of the wreath, or insert them in the center from the back and leg them sort of hang out the center. It all depends on how you like them.

Mesh: The mesh we chose is 10″ in width and 10 yards in length. Both rolls are a combination type product. One has Polypropylene with Polyester and the other Polypropylene with jute. The addition of the extra fibers really gives the mesh a nice feel. The wide stripes are unique too.

Our suggestion would be to use the mesh in a ruffle technique. Since the mesh is a little more bulky than just regular Deco Poly Mesh, cutting strips in 15″ lengths should work well. Our thoughts were to make a 15″ ruffle in the red, and alternate with the blue. But you might have a different idea. You could also make curls with 10″ mesh. Just experiment and see what works best for you. All mesh ravels of course and you will have to clip strings.

Ribbons: We put three rolls of ribbon in this kit, two are 2.5″ in width and one is 1.5″ All the ribbon is wired and all are on 10 yard rolls. You could make ribbon strips with some or all of the styles of ribbon. Or, you could make ribbon strips with a couple of the ribbons and perhaps reserve one of the rolls for a big bow like the red with blue stars for greater impact.

Sometimes beautiful ribbon shows up better in a big bow versus ribbon strips. Again, just experiment with what you like and go from there.


You can browse our tutorials for more information on ruffle wreaths and you will find that we have made ruffles in 10″ strips (using three ruffles to a twist); 15″ strips (using two ruffles to a twist); and 30″ ruffles using one ruffle to a twist. You will also find tutorials showing different ways to add ribbons whether it be by strips, loops or bows. Do cut a practice strips before cutting up your ribbon though. You don’t want to cut it to short or long and find out after you’ve cut up all your ribbon!