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Cockatoo Chatter Bird Inge-Glas of Germany Christmas Ornament 1-058-11

SKU 1-058-11-cockatoo-chatter

Cockatoo Chatter Christmas Ornament

1-058-11 Inge-Glas of Germany

Introduced 2001

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Made of European mouth blown glass and hand painted. Clip on style bird ornament measures approximately 5 3/4" The Cockatoo is a dainty bird ornament. The body measures approximately 4" with the white tail feathers making it 5 3/4". Body is a white matte like finish, areas that are glossy and light glitter detail. Yellow touches to the head and crown.

During the cold winter months in Germany, glassblowers often kept birds in cages in their workshops to offer them shelter and to enjoy their melodies. These birds gave craftsmen companionship and inspiration for creating new ornament moulds. The glass-blower family Mueller-Blech was always known for their production of glass birds. Still today they are producing an amazing variety of this popular ornament in stunning designs. Bird are symbols for joy and happiness, they are said to be messengers from God and the embodiment of souls.