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Doctor's Lab Coat


doctor's lab coat dress up play clothes


Doctor’s Lab Coat: Nurses abound in this family and I wanted to put something in the trunk that was not all “little girl” items. I took a pattern of a campshirt and made it longer. Any kind of heavy cotton material will work. I also tried my hand at a little machine embroidery and was able to put “Dr. Martin” on the coat pocket. The lettering could be done by using a fabric marker or iron on alphabet too.

Accessories included an inexpensive "doctor's kit" and a real stethoscope that the tubing had been shortened on.....perfect for little ears. Additions to the purchased doctors kit included ace wraps, elastic ankle or knee brace. Pharmaceutical and medical supply companies give away a ton of freebies that come in handy for occasions like this!

This little coat has come in handy more than once when school projects call for professional dress up days, etc.

My grandson AJ seems to wind up in the doctor's coat and Maggie winds up as the nurse…….go figure...