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YouTube Training

YouTube Training

YouTube Training

If you have a YouTube channel for your business, Success in Six,m a YouTube training program, is what you need. I wanted to take this opportunity to give a shout out to Lori Jacobs, Hard Working Mom, in support of her program Success In Six. Lori developed this program and recently I was fortunate enough to participate in it a few weeks ago. I just want to say, it was great! Lori is an excellent teacher and the materials were very complete and up to date. The course was divided into six weeks and consisted of video tutorials, live Q & A sessions and downloadable materials. Lori gave access to the course materials prior to the live Q and A calls on Zoom. Zoom was easy to sign into, and you were able to chat with Lori live and get your questions answered!

YouTube for Business

If you have a business or interested in starting or growing your YouTube channel, Success in Six, YouTube training is a must. It's worth every penny and personally, I benefited from this course probably more so than any other course I've ever participated in. With Lori's help and guidance, we were able to utilize fantastic tools like TubeBuddy to optimize our keywords, end screen, and cards for our videos. And because we joined TubeBuddy, we gained access to several freebies associated with TubeBuddy, such as Audio Hero. A great place to download free music for our videos. Video editing has always been a love of mine, and we've had a YouTube channel for several years now. We had around 75,000 subscribers when the course started. Our subscriber list has grown now to almost 80,000 and I'm confident that after the first of the year we will begin to see an upward trend in other stats also.

Video Editing

Another new thing I learned from Success in Six YouTube training, was how to use the video editing program Filmora9. At first, my thoughts were....well, I know how to do video editing, I've been doing it for years. So initially, I skipped that section of the course. But, because there was some time one day in my scheduled, I took a peek at it. Well, that's all I have to say about that! Now I'm using Filmora9 most every day and love it. It's so much fun to discover new elements and neat little ways to spice up a video.

Learn More

Just watch the video and if you have any questions, leave me a comment. I'll gladly respond. Lori's Success In Six YouTube training program opens up again in a few days, so click the link for more information and get on her waiting list now. youtube training, success in six Other blog post related to business success: Do you Have a Favorite Photo Editing Program Point! Shoot! Publish! Wreath Photography *Disclosure: (Jeannie Pence) The Trendy Tree blog and social media post may generate some income (Jeannie Pence) through affiliate links, sponsored post or general advertising. Trendy Tree only works with companies we trust and personally use. An affiliate link to a company or product may result in a small commission based on a click through or referral fee that is paid by the seller. The amount is not added to your expense. It is a form of advertising
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