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Work Creations 101 Facebook Live

Work Creations 101 Facebook Live

Edited version of our Facebook Live Video on 2/10/17. It's been a while since we have updated our info on Work Creation products. The choices have grown dramatically over the years! To create beautiful projects with any of these forms, just add Deco Poly Mesh, burlap, fabric mesh, paper mesh, poly burlap, ribbons, signs, or other embellishments to create wreaths for all seasons or occasions. Let's start at the beginning. Work Wreath The Work Wreath was created one of the designers at Craig Bachman and revolutionized the way wreaths can be created. The Work Wreath is a wreath form with twists already attached. Use these twist to attach mesh, burlap, ribbons, and so forth to make a wreath. Work Wreaths are available in several different sizes, but the 24" is the most common and this is what we stock at Trendy Tree. A 24" Work Wreath actually measures 15" across the widest ring. It is raised in the center which has depth to your wreath. There are about 18 twists on the wreath. The twist on the Work Wreath are about the size of a limb on an artificial Christmas Tree. Work Wreaths come in many colors both plain and metallic. Work Wreath can be used to make door wreaths of course, but you can also lay them down flat on a table and use as a centerpiece, hang wagon-wheel fashion add some twinkle lights and they are perfect for outdoor lighting, and you can connect other pieces to them - make a snowman etc. The 24" Work Wreath results in a finished wreath approximately 24" or wider just depending on what items you use to embellish the form. Pencil Wreath The Pencil Wreath form is made just like the Work Wreath form. The 24" size that we stock, also measures 15" across the widest metal ring and is raised in the center. The metal piece is just the same as the Work Wreath. The only difference is the size of the twist. The twist are more like a pencil in diameter. The Pencil Wreath also has about 18 twist on the wreath. The Pencil Wreath comes in many different colors, plain and metallic. With any of the products with twist, you can let the twist show and if you don't want them to, just tuck to the inside once you've secured your last layer of product. Pencil Wreaths twists are a little easier to hide. 10" Pencil Wreath The Pencil Wreath does come in this smaller size and it actually measures 10" across the widest metal ring. It too is raised in the center to give your wreath depth. It comes in a variety of colors both plain and metallic. It has about 12 twists and results in a wreath measuring about 20" or more in diameter depending on materials used. The 10" Pencil Wreath is great for attaching to a 24" wreath to make a snowman head and body or anything where you need a head and body ....pumpkin man. We haven't done a pumpkin man, will have to keep that in mind for this fall)) Pencil Ball Wreath Another variation of the Pencil Wreath is the Pencil Ball Wreath. Measurements are the same as the 24" Pencil Wreath, the only difference is the attachment of some small balls on the ends of each twist. The balls add a little extra bling to your creation. The only thing to keep in mind, is to secure products using the twist....and don't twist by the balls! Pencil Ball Wreaths are all metallic in color and not as many color choices, some have same color balls and some have contrasting balls. Candy Canes Candy Cane wreath forms come in several sizes and styles. Both are available with the Work Wreath size twist and Pencil Wreath size twist. They come in several colors, both plain and metallic. The Candy Cane forms are KD forms which stands for "knock down" They come in two pieces that you fit together and secure with a zip tie. We generally stock the 24" and 30" size. Work Pencil Rail or Ribbon Rail The name fluctuates on this one, sometimes called a Straight Ribbon Rail or Work Pencil Rail. It's one of the most versatile Work Creation forms. It measures about 22" in length and 4" in width. It has about 11 twist around the rail. The twists are fairly evenly spaced but if you are keeping your project level at the top and bottom, you will likely need to add in an extra twist with a chenille stem or floral wire to even things up at the top and bottom. The rail only comes with the pencil width twist. It's available in many colors, both plain and metallic. The great thing about the rail, is it's flexibility. You can bend it, shape it, add it to other forms to create unique shapes, but two together, etc. Bending in the middle makes it a great size for a standard mailbox cover, using flat makes a great centerpiece, hang vertically for a swag and so forth. We've taken two rails and attached vertically and horizontally to make a witch hat. Work Garland The Work Garland is a form used to make garlands of course. You add mesh, ribbons, etc to it in the same manner as any of the other forms. Length of the garland measures a little over 9' with the tips measuring 12" across (tip to tip lying flat). Finished garland yields an approximate width size of 9' - 12" depending on fullness and style of materials used and 9 feet in length. Work Garlands come in several colors, both plain and metallic. We have narrowed our choices of colors and styles down recently as most basic colors can be used for various projects. Pencil Garland Pencil Garland is the same size as the Work Garland, 9 feet in length and ties are the same size. The only difference is the size of the twist which pencil size. Pencil Garland comes in plain and metallic colors. We have also narrowed our variety down in the Pencil Garland since basic colors can be used for most projects. Pencil Ball Garland The Pencil Ball Garland is the same as Pencil Garland, just has small balls attached to the ends. Balls are about 1/2" to 3/4" inch in size. And just like the Pencil Ball Wreaths, attach your product by the twists and not by the balls. You can use pieces of garland to add shape to other forms. We've used a piece of garland to add to a straight rail to give it a curve at the top or bottom. You can make mantel garlands, or curve the garland into a teardrop fashion and use as a swag. Lots of potential)) Work Cross The Work Cross is also a KD form that is shipped in two pieces. Just put the pieces together and secure with a zip tie. The Work Cross comes in several sizes 20" 27" and 36" The 36" really makes quite a large creation and the other two sizes are the most common. The size refers to the height of the cross. The Work Cross comes in a few colors, both plain and metallic. Don't think we've used the Work Cross for anything other than a cross, but if you have we would love for you to share that idea with us! Pencil Cross The Pencil Cross is the same as the Work Cross, just the difference in the pencil sized twists. Comes in the same sizes and color choices. The burlap color is one of the most versatile colors. Table Piece It's sort of difficult to really see the Table Piece good in the image, but it's like a football sliced in half lengthwise with flat side down. You may also see the Table Piece called centerpiece or work table piece. It is about 15" in length; 8" in width and has a height of about 3" It only comes in red, white and evergreen and it has pencil size ties. It can be used for making centerpieces and though we don't have a tutorial for it, some customers have made footballs out of them. We do have an older tutorial were we used it for the base of an Easter basket. Work Balls & Half Work Balls Work Balls and Half Work Balls are 12" in ht and have pencil size twist. The spines of the Work Ball and Half Work Ball collapse. To set the Work Balls up, there is a metal cap that you secure at the top to keep the spines in place. The 12" Work Ball is a full round ball and the Half Work Ball is flat on the back. The Work Ball can be used as a free standing form, but would require placing a weight in the middle of the ball before adding other products, to keep it from rolling over. The Half Work Ball works great with it's flat back as a wall decoration for a pumpkin or any kind of round creation. Work Balls and Half Work Balls come in several different colors.
Work Ball
Half Work Ball
Open Wall Tree The Open Wall Tree has pencil style twist. The size that we carry is 20" in ht and has about 18 twist. The form is raised in the center to give depth to your creation. The Open Wall Tree comes in a limited number of colors both plain and metallic. The Open Wall Tree can be used for Christmas tree shapes of course, but you can also turn it upside down and use as a carrot form, upright as a candy corn or witch hat just to name a few. We're finding more and more uses for this versatile form. We don't have a tutorial for it, but you could use it to make an elf or Santa hat. Heart Form The Heart Form or Work Heart measures 18" and has 26 twist. The twists are of the pencil size. The form is raised in the center to give depth to your creation. The Heart Form comes in plain and metallic red and white only. There is a pink in a larger size from Craig Bachman, but the 18" is the most common and this is the size we stock at Trendy Tree. Pencil Work Cone The Pencil Work Cone is 30" in ht and also KD. We carry the 30" size in red and green. We still need to do a tutorial with this product to get an idea of how much product it takes to cover. CBI does sell a larger size, but once completed, makes a pretty big tree. Horse Head Form The Horse Head Form measures 22" in length and has about 24 pencil ties. Colors available include evergreen, burlap and pink. We have a couple of tutorials using the evergreen and burlap and these projects have been very popular. This is a flat form, it is not raised in the center. We haven't come up with another use for this form.....yet))) Maybe a duck head, or rooster....put your thinking caps on and help us out! Support Ribbon Wreath Form The Support Ribbon Wreath Form comes in pink, yellow or white. It measures about 23" in length and has about 22 ties. It is a flat form and not raised in the center. It's great for causes like Breast Cancer, military or law enforcement support. We've also taken the Support Ribbon Wreath Form and made a ghost out of it. Star Wreath Form The Star Wreath Form measures 16", has 20 pencil size ties and is raised in the center. It comes in metallic silver, gold, red and plain burlap. We haven't done a tutorial as yet using the star form, but the new burlap color is great for Americana projects. Twig Wreath Forms Twig wreath forms come in two different sizes on Trendy Tree. We have the 24" size which is the same size as the 24" Work Wreath and 24" Pencil Wreath. The largest metal ring measures 15" across and it is raised in the center. The Twig Wreath Form is coated with a mossy green brown material that gives it a natural twiggy look. It's very messy, this "crust" will flake off and if you order one, you will find bits and pieces in your box for sure. But, it doesn't take away from the wreath form's usefulness. The twists are very small and with this crusty covering, they hold very well. They are rough on your fingers to handle, but they will hold on to anything you put on the wreath just about it. I've even used this form to attach fresh greenery. The twists are so small that they are easy to hide when you don't want them to show. The Twig Wreath Form also comes in a 10" size that we stock (largest metal ring measures 10") and a 9 ft garland. Snowman Head Wreath Form The Snowman Head Wreath Form is a KD piece that is shipped as two pieces. You put the pieces together and secure with a zip tie. It is a flat wreath and not raised in the center. It measures about 20" in ht. The top portion of the form has black twist, and the bottom, round portion as white twist. The twist are of the pencil size. You could use this form for other projects like a witch head or Santa head with a few adjustments to give a pointy shape to the hat, etc. Box Wire Wreath Forms Box Wire Wreath Forms come in different sizes and styles. We generally stock 12" 14" and 16" They are sold in bundles of 10 forms. They are plain wire, no twists on them. They are mostly black, but we do have a white in a 14". The centers are raised the same ht as a Work Wreath or Pencil Wreath. Some of the Box Wire Wreath Forms have three rings and some have four rings. A Box Wire Wreath Form with four rings will have a more narrow space between the rings. So if you were using a "pull through" style to pull mesh or ribbons through to make your loops, you might want to use four-ring wreath since the spaces would be narrow. If you were just tying on ribbon or tulle, you might want to go with the three ring style. Of course you can always add chenille stems to the plain Box Wire Wreath Form and create a twist, but the will tend to slip and slide. It's much easier to work with a Work Wreath or Pencil Wreath. We have used Box Wire Wreath Forms when we were creating a wreath with "clumps" of loops and securing these loops to the wreath form with zip ties. Zip ties hold well on Box Wire Wreath Forms and you won't get near as much slipping and sliding. New for 2017 What's on the horizon? Well, we have a NEW Swag form coming in later on this year. It's in the development stage now and we're very excited.....can't wait to see it! If you have suggestions for types of form that you would like to see, please contact us! We'll be glad to pass it on. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
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