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White Fabric Mesh Now in Stock!

White Fabric Mesh Now in Stock!

Fabric Mesh

Fabric mesh is one of our favorite products! It's been stocked at Trendy Tree for some time now, but it occurred to us at last market, that we needed it in white fabric mesh! Seems kind of simple doesn't it! Well, you asked it, and we asked for and now it's here! White Fabric mesh. It's white too, not one of those "white" colors that is not so pure white. It's a great white.


The fabric mesh is made up of polypropylene and Polyester fibers. The Polyester really add texture and density to the white fabric mesh product. Therefore, the mesh has much less of that plastic feel that is so common in mesh products.


Sizes include 10" and 21" widths. Both sizes have 10 yards on the roll. The 10" width is perfect for ruffle wreaths. Typically, we will use the 21" width for a pouf technique. It normally takes two rolls of 10" mesh to make a 24" wreath and one roll of 21" width.

How Do I Buy It

Just browse the Fabric Mesh category for all the colors and styles. There are plaids, checks, stripes and solids, metallic and non-metallic. Colors are rich and patterns are bold. The white fabric mesh is white, not dingy in color
white fabric mesh, XB97910-01

How Do I Use It?

We have several tutorials using assorted fabric mesh products. Here are some links to the tutorials. Remember, you can always follow a tutorial and choose different colors of mesh, ribbons, signs, etc. Poinsettia Mesh Wreath Tutorial Fuchsia Flower Wreath
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