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When Life Gives You Lemons - Make a Wreath!

When Life Gives You Lemons - Make a Wreath!

lemons wreath
When life gives you lemons.....make something sweet....or make a wreath! Our lemons wreath is made of Deco Poly mesh using the ruffle technique, four ribbons, and a sign.

Supply Kit

When Life Gives You Lemons Wreath Supply Kit (while supplies last) Update: Kit is sold out

Individual Supplies

lemons wreath, deco mesh

lemons wreath, deco mesh


Remember that even after the kit or individual supplies have sold out, you can follow the instructions on this tutorial to make a wreath of your choice. Just pick out other styles of mesh, ribbons or a sign.

XX750360 24" Evergreen Pencil Wreath - 1

AP8757 - Sign Sold Out. Substitute another summer sign.

RE136671 10" Apple Lime Wide Foil Deco Mesh - 1

XB90810-22 10" Daffodil Clear Metallic Mesh - 1 - Presently Sold out.

Substitute: Any other yellow mesh 10" in width

2.5" Lemons Green Edge Ribbon - Sold Out.

Substitute: Other spring/summer ribbon with lemons

1.5" Black White Swiss Dot - Sold Out.

Substitutes: Other swiss dot ribbon either 2.5" or 1.5" width.

41045-09-17 1.5" Yellow Green Crossed Plaid - Sold out.

Substitute: A gingham check or plaid in yellow, green or white.

2.5" Black Lines Yellow Floral - Sold out.

Substitute a floral of your choice.

When we do our tutorials, there is no way that we can provide the exact same products after they have sold out. New ribbons are chosen several times a year for stock. But you can follow the directions and just choose other similar styles of ribbon to make your wreath unique.


Cutting Mat

Fiskars Rotary Cutter

Ribbon Cutting Boards

FastenPro Three Way Staple Gun

Ultimate Collapsible Mesh Holder from Susie’s Wreath Shop

EZ Bowmaker


The lemons wreath was made on a 24" evergreen pencil wreath. The 24" wreaths at Trendy Tree measure 15" across the widest ring. This results in a wreath that measures 24" or greater in width, depending on the products you put on the wreath.


Deco Mesh

We used two styles of mesh for the lemons wreath. You will notice that there is a difference in the mesh. The green mesh is a wide foil mesh which means the foil strips are wider. The more foil, the heavier or dense the mesh.


The yellow mesh contained clear foil and thinner strips. It almost had a wet look about it. Since it was lighter in weight than the green, we opted to place the yellow ruffle on top. Cut strips of mesh 20" in length.


A 10-yard roll of mesh should yield 18 pieces of mesh 20" in length. If a piece falls up shorter than, it will not be noticeable at all. Cut 18 pieces of each style of mesh.


Make a ruffle by scrunching up through the middle of the mesh. Secure the ruffle in a twist.


Make your second ruffle (the yellow) the same way and open the twist and lay the yellow ruffle on top of the green one. Secure the twist with just a couple of turns.


ruffle wreath

Continue working around the outer ring and the inner ring placing two ruffles in each twist.


Ribbon can be added to a wreath by doing ribbon strips, loops, and tails, or bows. We chose to do 13" ribbon strips for the lemons wreath. Cut 18 pieces of each ribbon 13" in length. I

t's always a good idea to measure your ribbon strip first before you start cutting, lest you cut them too short. Make a ribbon cluster using the four ribbons. Open a twist on the wreath and secure the ribbon cluster on top of the ruffles. Re-close the twist this time with three or four turns.

Place a cluster of ribbon in each twist around the wreath.


Decide on the placement of the sign. We chose to add the sign to the center of the lemons wreath. Attach two full-length chenille stems to the back of the sign using a stapler.


Be careful not to use staples that might go all the way through the sign. Position the sign and reach from the back of the wreath to find the chenille stems. Attach the chenille stems to the wreath frame. Take care not to pull the sign down too deep into the mesh.

Wreath Bow

Using the leftover ribbon, we made a 12" wreath bow with 16" tails. Make a free-handed bow or use a tool such as the E-Z bowmaker, Bowdabra or ProBow.



ez bowmaker, make a bow, wreath bow

Tidying Up

Check the back of your wreath for anything sharp. Make your attachments neat as possible and make a hanger for the lemons wreath using chenille stems or zip tie.

Clip strings. All mesh unravels and you will have to clip strings. Clip string rather than pull. Fluff your ribbons and make sure all are facing right side up.


The ruffle technique is one of the easiest wreaths to make especially for beginners. The ruffles are all the same size and usually come out nice and even.


Don't forget, if the specific products we used on the lemons wreath have sold out, you can always pick out different colors and styles of mesh. Just stay with a 10" or 10.5" product.


We do not recommend splitting 21" wide mesh to make 10" ruffles. The more cuts you have in mesh, the more unraveling results.


Here's a link to a Patriotic wreath we made a few weeks ago using the ruffle technique also. God Bless America Patriotic Wreath


If you have any questions or comments, please leave us a note. We love hearing from our readers. Trendy Tree Blog


Also if there is a particular style of wreath tutorial you would like to see, just let us know.


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