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West Virginia Roadkill Cook-Off and Autumn Harvest Festival Sept. 24, 2011

The West Virginia Road Kill Cook-Off is one of the region’s most exciting and fun annual events. In years past, the Food Network, the Travel Channel and the Discovery Channel have all done filming of this wild and wacky festival! If you’ve ever wanted to taste exotic dishes like squirrel gravy over biscuits, teriyaki marinated bear or deer sausage, this is the place! The grub served is not really roadkill....the dishes are all crazy named recipes made of weird armadillo concoction was a winner in 2009!
armadillo christmas ornament old world christmas
The Old World Christmas Armadillo ornament is new for 2011. It is made of mouth blown, hand painted glass. The Hang Tag Reads: "Armadillo" is a Spanish word meaning "little armored one." They are the only mammals that have bony plates that cover their back, head, legs and tail. Since they can roll into a ball to defend themselves, they symbolize protection and setting boundaries. Wikipedia: Wikipedia: The North American Nine-banded Armadillo tends to jump straight in the air when surprised, and consequently often collides with the undercarriage or fenders of passing vehicles. I only have one the heck do you skin an Armadillo????
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