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Wagon Trains

In our recent search and purchase of several old lunch boxes for a friend, we found one that was called The Western Trail, Conestoga Wagon. I really was not familiar with this term, but knew that it was styled after the old covered wagons found on wagon trains. This is a new lunch box by the way, not a vintage box. conestoga lunch boxAfter doing a little research (my favorite Wikipedia thing to do), here's what I found from them: The first Conestoga wagons originated in Pennsylvania around 1750 and are thought to have been introduced by Mennonite German settlers. The name came from the Conestoga Valley near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In colonial times the Conestoga wagon was popular for migration southward through the Great Appalachian Valley along the Great Wagon Road. After the American Revolution it was used to open up commerce to Pittsburgh and Ohio. In 1820 rates charged were roughly one dollar per 100 pounds per 100 miles, with speeds about 15 miles (25 km) per day. The Conestoga, often in long wagon trains, was the primary overland cargo vehicle over the Appalachians until the development of the railroad. Merck Family's Old World Christmas has created a very nice replica of this style of covered wagon....called "Covered Wagon." covered wagon christmas ornamentThe hang tag on the ornament reads: In the 1800s, when pioneers migrated westward, no roads existed, just rough trails. People traveled in wooden horse-drawn wagons covered with white canvas known as prairie schooners. They served as the homes for the families during their trip, as well as carrying all their possessions. In reading about the old wagon trains, I also came across one of our favorite TV shows from the 1950's.and 60's....yes, I'm a baby boomer)))
It's so interesting to go back and read about those old TV shows that I watched lying in the floor of the living room with my family. We didn't miss Wagon Train! Keep them doggies, wait....thats Rawhide! Gosh.....wonder what's out there about Rowdy Yates....aka Clint Eastwood))) I need to check that out....
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