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Vintage Romance Decorated Christmas Tree by Craig Bachman Imports

Vintage Romance Decorated Christmas Tree by Craig Bachman Imports


Vintage Romance by Craig Bachman Imports. This is one of my favorite trees from Craig Bachman and we spent quite a bit of time admiring it when we visited the Showroom a few weeks ago.

It's a basic green tree with tiny clear lights and just drenched in burlap and natural colors. Would make a beautiful statement for family room or even a more formal room.


This image is a little over-exposed, but we're using it to show you the new Pencil Tie with Pinecone. Here is it used around the 4" or 6" ribbon that has been used for garland on the tree.XX086327-pencil-tie-pine-cone

The Pencil Ties come in different lengths and styles, this one is about 6" and add a bit of interest to the tree and breaks of the expanse of using long pieces of ribbon around the tree.

In other areas they have used clip on butterfly ornaments in the same manner. Pouf the ribbon or mesh a bit and use the clip ons or ties to secure it to the tree branches.


This image demonstrates the layering effect of using two to three different materials. This garland was using around the windows behind the tree.

Wired JuteThe base layer is an 8" Natural Wire Jute Mesh. This is a very unique material as it is wired throughout, not just the outer edges. You can shape it, pouf it and it holds very well. It's a natural jute product.

The next layer is a nicely textured fabric ribbon that is 4" and has wired RA1168-sand-ivory-plaidedges. The Sand and Ivory Plaid Fabric Ribbon colors are very muted and compliment the natural colors of the jute and Blanket Wool Roping.

The branches of the evergreen garland were used to twist around the materials to create the poufed effect.

A new Fuzzy Wool Roping was used which gives another dimension of rn45713t-fuzzy-wool-ropingtexture. It is wired and made of a natural material. The Tan Fuzzy Wool Roping that we are getting looks a little darker than what is shown in the photo above, so this may not be the exact color they used on the Vintage Romance Tree. We'll have the Fuzzy Wool Roping in Tan and Red colors. We have SO many new styles of roping coming in this year! They are going to be such fun to create with......Cotton Candy.....Velvet Roping......Natural Jute Roping and this new Fuzzy Wool Roping.


This image is to show you the new Sack Cloth Ivy Spray that is used toward the bottom of the image and is in with the poinsettia. The spray is also used in the top of the tree.

And yes, I'm kicking myself now for not ordering the Burlap Butterfly and Poinsettias!


The Bead Garland is another another new product for 2013 and will be available in several colors. This garland has a nice weight to it, it's acrylic and not a lightweight plastic. The beads are assorted textures.....some are flocked, pearly, matte and shiny. This color selection is Taupe, Cream and Pearl Bead Garland measuring 6' in length.

Of the items shown under the tree.....we will be getting the Burlap Reindeer Stocking and a solid Faux Burlap Tree Skirt in the natural color.

We'll still in the process of listing all our new items on the if I run across more items that have been used on the Vintage Romance Tree, we'll update this post.

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