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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Use Black in your Christmas Decorating

Use Black in your Christmas Decorating

raz-home-for-christmas-elf 3402800 RAZ Home for Christmas Elves
Have you noticed the use of black in holiday decorations this season? It's everywhere! You'll be admiring a classic red and green wreath or multicolor....and POP....there's some black really gives a WOW factor. These little elves from the RAZ Home For Christmas Collection are new for 2014 and have just the right amount of black in their costumes to make them a great addition to your decorating style. They still have classic red....but the black stripes just add a little more interest to them.
XY663002-musical-notes-set-3 XY663002 Black Musical Notes
These Black Glittered Musical Notes are very different, lightweight and and a whopping 11-12". Great accent pieces.
raz-chalkboard-ball-ornaments 3424534 RAZ Chalkboard Ball Ornaments (Glass)
These balls from RAZ are chalkboard style with classic snowmen, they are made of glass and measure about 4" Each one has different wording. Absolutely loving the new Chalkboard Ribbons! We have the Chalkboard Ribbon in three different sizes....4" 2.5" and 1.5" RG158102-chalkboard-trendy-tree The ribbon is crisp and has a wire edge. We've been writing on it with just plain chalk and blowing away the dust. We haven't tried spraying it with a fixative or anything as some people have suggested. We did discover though....that you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth and start all over again! Here are some examples of how we've used it so far. tomato-cage-halloween-closeup-chalkboard-ribbon-2 On this Halloween tree, we just attached the ribbon at one end and let the other hang freely. ole-miss-wreath On the Ole Miss wreath, we attached the piece of ribbon in two places leaving a bit of a tail.
3323038-black-cream-glittered-ornament-set-3 3323038 RAZ Black and Cream Glittered Glass Ornaments
These RAZ Black and Cream Glass ornaments are ornately decorated for an elegant look. One of the easiest way to add a black touch to your project is use black's one with the quatrefoil pattern.
RG135902-quatrefoil-black-white-4-inch RG135902 Quatrefoil Pattern in Black and White
RG146902-cross-royal-plant-black-white RG146902 Plant Pattern Black & White
So, next time you're decorating, try slipping in a little bit of black into your'll be surprised how much of a WOW factor it adds.
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