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University of Louisville

Well, I'm not from Kentucky, but I'm sure you University of Louisville Cardinal fans will recognize these colors! Stunning Cardinal wreath made by a Kentucky girl, Gina Carter-Small......hey....wait a minute.....Gina, I thought you were a Wildcat??'s okay when you're making beautiful wreaths like these....we'll let you slide by on this one)))) Great use of color in this wreath....such great contrast with the red, black and animal print ribbon. The red Saxon mesh adds great texture and the big bow just highlights the saxon open weave jute or natural fiber mesh ribbon Thanks to Gina for sharing this beautiful wreath and if you'd like to see more of Gina's handiwork (both Cardinal and Wildcat fans) just drop in on her Facebook group Bluegrass Kraft Korner. Tell her Trendy Tree sent you......lots of creative folks there making all kinds of wreaths and decorations.
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