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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Tulips for Your Home

Tulips for Your Home

Now that beautiful tulips are popping up all over the place.....are you like me and wishing....gosh, why didn't I plant some bulbs back in the winter! Always a day late and a dollar short as they say.....but you can still bring in some spring tulips for a pop of color in your home. *This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission from the seller if you click on the links or make a purchase. It does not add any cost to you. It's a type of advertising fee that the seller pays. Red tulips.....I love them! Clear or plain white vases are my favorite style of vase. You can use them year-round for any occasion. These red tulips are a permanent arrangement though. The tulips are seated in that clear poly "faux water." Love the simplicity of just the red and green. Beautiful for spring and summer. During the fall, they will be hidden away in a closet for a while, but come Christmastime......they will be back on display. This vase of tulips came from Home Goods I think. It's hard to believe, but Home Goods doesn't sell online. But I did a little research to see if I could find these same red tulips elsewhere.
Amazon Ethan Allen Red Tulip Water Garden
My jaw dropped when I found this Ethan Allen Red Tulip Water Garden. Same look and just beautiful. But the price! This arrangement listed for $519. On sale mind you! You would be paying about $400 extra just to have the name Ethan Allen I guess. Beautiful, but I would pass on these from the price alone.
Overstock - Nearly Natural Tulips Artificial Arrangement
Here's a small, similar arrangement from Overstock. Price $106.69. It's 35" in ht so that is very similar to the one I have. But the ht would be the spikey twigs, not the tulips themselves.
I can see right now, time to stop browsing! Take a look at these beautiful white tulips from Pottery Barn! Love the rectangular vase. Not something you're going to run across at your home town gift shop most likely. Love it!
Pottery Barn Faux Tulip In Clear Cylinder Vase
Pottery Barn calls these tulips and I don't know a lot about flowers, but they look more like a type of daffodil to me. Either way they are simply stunning. Pottery Barn had more to choose from too!
Pottery Barn Faux Tulip in Glass Vase - Orange
Pottery Barn Faux Tulips Glass Vase - White/Green
Target had a nice vase of red tulips, especially for the price.
Target Nearly Natural 24" Tulips with Vase
Real Touch tulips are remarkable. When you hold them, you can't resist sniffing just to check! This is a Real Touch Red Mini Tulip Bouquet that is in stock right now at Trendy Tree. The Real Touch Bouquet is a smallish bundle, but just the perfect size for a pop of color in a small space. Trendy Tree has a nice range of faux tulips to choose from - single stems, small bouquets or bushes. The most expensive one we have would be the Real Touch Mini Tulip bouquet above. That bouquet is priced at $18.97. We have some single stem Real Touch tulips in several colors. They are priced at $4.25 each and 14" in length.
Real Touch Yellow Single Stem Tulip
Real Touch Red Single Stem Tulip
Real Touch Pink Single Stem Tulip
Real Touch Green Single Stem Tulip
RAZ Yellow Tulip Stem
The RAZ yellow tulip stem above has three blooms and it measures about 22" in ht. It sell for only $4.25. We also have a 10.5" mini tulip bundle in several colors that sells for only $6.97. Great colors!
Cream Mini Tulip Bundle
Red Mini Tulip Bundle
Orange Mini Tulip Bundle
Dark Pink Beauty Mini Tulip Bundle
Wow! That's a lot of tulips! Didn't realize we had so many to choose from until I started browsing and looking! And that's still not all! We have mixed floral bundles that include tulips, paper tulips and even faux burlap ones. And let's not forget tulip ribbon. My suggestion, just type in "tulip" in the search block and browse them all))) Now, maybe I can tag my calendar to remind me to plant some bulbs this winter.....or...I can just come back to Trendy Tree and browse the warehouse)))
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