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Trendy Tree Video Tutorial - Basic Deco Poly Mesh Wreath Using the Pouf Technique

Trendy Tree Video Tutorial - Basic Deco Poly Mesh Wreath Using the Pouf Technique


Just click on the image to see the video tutorial.

For this tutorial, we wanted to share with you how we create a basic Deco Poly Mesh wreath using a Work wreath.


The materials we used for this tutorial was a 24" Silver Pencil Work Wreath (XX751126) and a roll of 21" Red Deluxe Deco Poly Mesh (RE103524)

We wanted to take this opportunity too, to show you the difference between a Pencil Work Wreath and a regular Work Wreath. Pictured is the Silver Pencil Work Wreath on the left and the Silver Work Wreath on the right.


The metal form is the same size on both styles. The largest of the two rings measures 15" across. But these are called 24" wreath forms because your finished product results in a 24" wreath or larger depending on the materials you use for the wreath. Essentially the only difference between the Pencil and the Work Wreath is the size of the twists. The Pencil are just about the diameter of a pencil and the Work Wreath twists are about the size of limbs on an artificial Christmas tree.basic-pouf-wreath-finished

Here's our basic wreath with poufs going around the inner and outer ring. Once done, you may need to adjust a pouf here or there if one is too tight or too large. You can take the wreath at this point and add your embellishments which might be a contrasting layer of mesh of a different width, ribbons, ornaments, signs, sprays, floral picks....the choices are just endless.

We'll decorate this wreath in another stay tuned!

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