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Trendy Tree Pinterest Board Showcasing Customer's Christmas Wreaths & Creations

Trendy Tree Pinterest Board Showcasing Customer's Christmas Wreaths & Creations

Time for Trendy Tree to create a special Pinterest board to share our much appreciated customer’s own creations showcasing the Christmas season. pinterest_primarylogo_red_rgb If you’re making wreaths and other decorations for your own pleasure, or make them to sell….we would like to take this opportunity to invite our customers to share their images with us and we’ll post to a special Trendy Tree Customer Christmas Wreath Pinterest Board. Trendy Tree has almost 27,000 followers on Pinterest and this list is growing every day. This is a great opportunity to increase your exposure and just share your creativity with others. Your creation can be a Christmas wreath, swag, centerpiece, mailbox cover....candy cane....gosh...anything Christmas! Rules: 1. Creation must contain at least one item purchased at Trendy Tree 2. Must include a short description of the wreath/project (may be edited if exceeds the limit) 3. Include a link if you want viewers to be able to find your FB page, website, blog or Etsy store etc. Be sure to give your correct URL. It must include http://www. for the link to work in Pinterest. 4. Mention the item purchased from Trendy Tree that was used in the wreath i.e. Black Deco Mesh….doesn’t have to be specific…polka dot ribbon….something like that, but include “purchased at” 6. Images (please use camera shots and not phone shots) must be good quality to be shared. 7. Accepting entries beginning 11/01/13 thru 11/30/13


Prize? Yes, we will give a prize……Trendy Tree will choose a winner and give away a prize…how about some wreath making products))) Get your images in early……we know you’re working on them because we have tons of Deco Poly Mesh, Work Creations, Ribbons and more going out the door every day! Here’s the board: Trendy Tree Customer’s Christmas Wreaths & Creations Be one of the first to get yours in! Tags: ,
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