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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
The Trendy Tree Customer Spotlight

The Trendy Tree Customer Spotlight

Trendy Tree is proud to shine the Customer Spotlight on Erin Osberg


Erin is a stay at home mom and wife. She has a 9 year old son and a 6 year old daughter who is going on 30. She is a custom wreath designer and owner of Fantastical Wreaths.

Erin and her family live in Merritt Island, FL, were NASA is located. Her husband has a plastics company at at the Port in Cape Canaveral, FL. Erin's family enjoys camping and attending the children's sporting event. They enjoy traveling and erin-boy-wreathmaking memories.

We interviewed Erin to learn more about her wreath making business and here's what she had to say. How did you get into crafting? It really was out of frustration! Ha! I tried to order 3 wreaths from a lady and she told me she was "too booked". She was charging $100.00 a wreath and I thought, "she is so busy with wreaths, she just turned down $300!" So, I decided I would see how hard this could be for myself. I saw Trendy Tree and order some supplies and made my first wreath (which was horrible) when I look back at it now. I always loved creating floral arrangements and wanted to work for a florist, but I had been in banking and accounting and it didn't seem like a smart career move. I guess now I am finally getting to play with my flowers and creative side and I absolutely love it!

Do you craft as a full time business, part time, or just for fun?

erin-autumn-wreathAs you know in any business, it just doesn't take off over night. I would love to do it full time, that is my ultimate goal. As of now, I do it as a hobby and it is turning into part-time work so I think I am climbing up hill which is good and exciting to see what the future will bring.

What type of decorations do you make?

Primarily, I make wreaths. My true love is making floral wreaths and centerpieces. I get a lot of requests for beach themed wreaths because we live on an island and the beach. I am always up for a challenge so I am always up for new ideas. That's the great part about getting to be creative. :)

What is your favorite holiday to create decorations for?

My favorite holiday to create for is Easter. It is my personal favorite holiday and such a beautiful time of year. I love the soft colors, bunnies and all of the cute and innocent decor that comes along with Easter.

Who is your favorite collegiate team?

Well, it just so happens that I am a huge Miami Hurricanes fan. I just made another Miami Hurricane wreath today for another loyal Cane fan. What happened Gators?!!! ;)erin-miami

I have actually made quite a few collegiate wreaths, including the Gators. I don't discriminate except for the Packers. My husband is a huge Chicago Bears fan and the Packers fans know they don't want a Bears fan making their wreath. Besides, green and mustard yellow is just hard to make pretty. :-P

What current project are you most proud of?

I am going to be working an event at the Port in October for Breast Cancer Awareness. I am really proud to be a part of this event. Breast Cancer is so wide spread and has taken so many lives far too early. It is heart wrenching to see so many families lose a loved one or go through chemo and treatments only to have it come back. There are a lot of strong woman and men out there that cope with this everyday. I have been making wreaths for breast cancer survivors with fun but inspirational sayings on the signs. I just have a special place in my heart for this cause. I am hopeful we will find a cure for this soon.

What was your most challenging project?

My most challenging project was a "give away"! I had no idea what I was getting into but it is my most favorite wreath I have done yet. I had a contest on my Facebook page and whoever got me the most likes would win a wreath. Well, my winner wanted a wreath made out of nothing but roses. I am not a fan of roses, at all! She sent me a picture and I thought it really was pretty. So, I picked up silk roses here and there while on vacation and when we got home I made the wreath. It turned out absolutely beautiful, in my opinion, but it was out of my comfort zone. That is normally when you will amaze yourself, is out of erin-roses-wreathyour comfort zone.

Please give one tip on making wreaths that you could share with our readers.

My advice would be to watch as many tutorials as you can. You are going to make mistakes but when you take a picture of your wreath or creation you can really see what needs adjusted or just doesn't look right. Sometimes you just have to walk away from it for a little bit and then come back with a fresh set of eyes. Take your time, have patience and a leap of faith when trying anything new.

If you ship your wreaths, please give a tip on shipping, packing, supplies etc.

My husband ships my wreaths and gets my boxes so I can't give any tips other then make sure to tell your clients with shipping UPS, they may need to "fluff" the wreath if UPS has been rough with it.

What advice would you have for a new crafter?

You will get in fights with your glue gun. Just know, it always wins! ;)

Advice on organizing your craft supplies?erin-crafts

Shelving and bins is the best advice I can give. Do you want to sort by colors or Holidays? I am lucky to have a sister who is an artist and a great organizer! I just called her to come over and help me take back my office. In my defense, she doesn't have kids so she has the time to organize. Ha!!!

The one picture of my cat is because every time I make a wreath she has to be in my office with me. She is the world's worst office assistant, Frenchy La Rue is her name. ;)


I just want to thank Trendy Tree for always posting tutorials and new ideas to try. Thank you also for giving me this opportunity to share my business with all of your customers. I love what I do and it makes me happy. That is the key, find something you love and you will never work a day in your life. I feel like that I have found that for myself. I wish all new crafters much success but most importantly, genuinely enjoying what you do.



Erin's Facebook page is Fantastical Wreaths, be sure to drop by, like her page and browse around through the photos of her creations. You can also contact her by email.

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