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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
The Trendy Tree Customer Spotlight

The Trendy Tree Customer Spotlight

Trendy Tree is proud to shine the Customer Spotlight on

Heather Sullivan and the Sassy Chic Boutique

sassy-chic-boutique Heather Sullivan is the owner of Sassy Chic Boutique ( Her business originally started out as a stay-at-home-mom business but has blossomed into so much more. Sassy Chic Boutique has grown in large part to the crafty creations and great customer loyalty but Heather also credits part to her husband's business acumen as well with his IT background with distribution companies. Together they pack a powerful 1-2 punch and show no signs of stopping! What a great asset....having a husband with IT expertise.....couldn't we all benefit from that))) sassy-chic-boutique-family We interviewed Heather to learn more about her business and here's what she had to say.

How did you get into crafting?

It has always been a hobby and something at which I personally felt I always excelled. It wasn't until I finally had heard enough people tell me how impressive my personal creations were that I decided to take a huge leap and begin to sell them.

Do you craft as a full time business, part time, or just for fun?

This question read in reverse describes the path my business took to get where it is now :-). First it was just for fun. Then it was semi-serious part-time. However it has since transformed into a full-time job! Crazy Fun!

What type of decorations do you make?

We primarily make wreaths at the moment but are in the midst of trying to develop a more in depth product line. Lately we have been making several swags for our customers.

If you make collegiate wreaths, who is your favorite team?

sassy-chic-boutique-alabamaWe do make collegiate wreaths and while I am not the biggest sports fan I absolutely love the ones I have for Alabama, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, and University of Texas.

What was your most challenging project and why.

Some of my customers give me really challenging wreaths and require every ounce of creativity!

Please give one tip on making wreaths that you could share with our readers.

Be a perfectionist!!!

If you ship your wreaths, please give a tip on shipping, packing, supplies etc.

Use new boxes and do a good tape job.

What is your favorite Holiday to create for?

I absolutely love Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!
I sometimes go a little overboard in my decorations but I guess everyone needs a vice!

What advice would you have for a new crafter?

Be passionate and creative!

Advice on organizing your craft supplies?

Accepting recommendations.....


At Sassy Chic Boutique our focus is on providing a quality hand-made product at a reasonable price to the customer.
Driven by first-rate customer service, our mission is to ensure satisfaction of every customer through any realistic means available.
We place a superior value on integrity and trust. As a result of our renowned customer-minded attitude, loyalty from our customers is prominent.
Thanks to Heather for sharing her business expertise with us. You can see more of the Sassy Chic Boutique collection at the following locations. To contact Heather, just visit any one of these websites and drop her a note. She would love hearing from you. And if you need some special created, she'll be happy to work with you.
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