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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Treekeeper Ornament Storage Box - Its a Keeper!

Treekeeper Ornament Storage Box - Its a Keeper!

Several years ago, maybe six or seven, I was asked by TreeKeeper to evaluate their Christmas tree storage bag. You KNOW how difficult it is to take down a Christmas tree and try to put it back in the box you purchased it just doesn't happen! So I happily agreed to give it a try. The tree bag came, we used it that year......and have loved it ever since. It has made taking down and putting up my tree so much easier especially since my tree is about 9' The tree bag was placed at the bottom of the tree, covered up with a tree skirt and when Christmas is over, we just remove the decorations, pull the bag up as high on the tree as we can, lay the tree over and finish pulling it all the way to the top. Fasten the buckles, set it back upright and roll it into a corner in the garage. There it waits patiently, nice and clean for a whole year.....we roll it back into the house, undo the buckles and drop the bag back down to the floor, cover up the bag with the tree skirt and we're ready to decorate! I love it. So I didn't have any doubts about accepting the offer to experiment with their Treekeeper Ornament Storage Box.
The Treekeeper Ornament Storage Box comes in several different sizes. The model I received was the TK-10127. It holds 72 4" ornaments. Here's a short video that I did opening the package and setting up the bag. It was easy! Features:
  • Hold 72 ( 4" ) ornaments
  • Reinforced padded handles ease carrying
  • Inner self-standing frame increases support
  • Three lightweight trays are easily carried for efficient and enjoyable tree trimming
  • Acid-free trays to avoid discoloration and damage to your ornaments
  • Inner dividers are removable to make room for larger ornaments
  • Made of durable, wipe-clean polyester fabric
  • One-year warranty against manufacturer's defects
  • Dimensions: 27" L × 19" W × 14" H
My Summary:
  • Love the durable material, sturdy zippers and handles
  • Love that the trays can be taken out, filled with ornaments, and then placed back in the bag
  • Love that the bag will be readily recognizable when I'm looking for my ornaments next year!
  • Read the directions first!
  • The partitions are large enough, that you can place two small ornaments in a section.
  • The pouch on the front is perfect for storing a tree skirt.
  • The dividers can be taken out of a section if you need to store a taller ornament than 4"
  • Depending on the size of your ornaments and the value of them, you may want to tuck some tissue paper around them to keep them from moving around within the section.
  • Really just didn't have any cons, unless the fact that it may be a bit heavy once the bag is filled, but that's not a problem when you have grandsons that can tote it around for you))
Check out Treekeeper's other products, they have storage for trees, wreaths, lights and more! The bag I have for my tree is the TreeKeeper Pro Upright Tree Storage Bag with Stand. That rolling stand, is wonderful. So easy to move the tree around, and especially for those small adjustments you need to make while decorating))

Ornament Storage Tips:
  • Valuable collectible Christmas ornaments should not be stored in the attic. They should be stored in an area in your home that is temperature controlled, like an extra closet, etc. Now, we all do it, even though we know better, but this is what companies that make mouth blown, hand painted ornaments recommend.
  • Mouth blown, hand painted ornaments should be wrapped in acid free tissue paper and stored in sturdy acid free containers. The trays in the TreeKeeper Ornament Storage Box are acid free.
  • Store "like" color ornaments together. Place all your gold silver in one container, multi color, or red green in another making decorating easier when you change themes the next year. Much easier to browse through a box of gold silver rather than go through four boxes of willy nilly put away ornaments to find those 24 gold silver you were looking for.
  • Keep your ornament hangers in the box with the ornaments and not with your other Christmas decorations. Ornament hangers are usually in small boxes and so difficult to locate.
  • Don't stack heavy boxes on top of your ornament storage box and if you have any ornaments that are too large for the section, store it separately.
If you are are looking for collectible keepsake type ornaments that reflect significant events throughout the year...check out our ornament site Trendy Ornaments. We have literally hundreds of mouth blown, hand painted ornaments to choose from. You can find ornaments for foodie fans, animals, sports, collegiate, NFL, wedding, Easter, Halloween, Valentine....just about anything! *This post contains affiliate links. We only share affiliate links of products that we have used and are happy to endorse.
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