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Tinsel Witch Broom

Witch broom made from a cardboard roll, left over metallic ribbon and Tinsel Sprays. Crafters hardly ever throw anything away.......admit it! You know what I mean))) This witch broom was made with some leftover ribbon and some Metallic Tinsel Sprays. The Tinsel Sprays comes in a pack of twelve and the whole pack was just opened and inserted into the end of the cardboard roll. The cardboard roll came from a roll of mesh and was covered with purple metallic ribbon.....just some ribbon we had on hand. You could paint it, cover with wrapping paper, all sorts of things. We made a lime green tinsel bow out of Metallic Pencil Garland. Pencil Garland comes in 11 different colors and 25 fee to a roll for only $2.25. You can find tons of uses for it. It's wire and you can cut it easily with scissors. We also used it to make a loop for hanging on the back of the broom. You can add any sort of embellishment to the broom like a bow.....or even a spider......another use for the Pencil Garland.
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