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The Difference Between a Work Wreath and a Twig Work Wreath

We're ask frequently what the difference between a Work Wreath and a Twig Work Wreath is, so I've taken some close up photos of a Twig Work Wreath to help explain that difference.

This is a Work Wreath in red. They are available in 16 colors plus 4 metallic colors. We stock all 20 colors here at Trendy Tree. This is a "24-in" wreath although the largest ring measures 15" in diameter. The 24" description comes from the average finished product, depending on how large your make your poufs, etc. Work Wreaths are made by the company in larger sizes, but we stock only the 24" size for now. The "twists" on the Work Wreath are similar to the branches of an artificial Christmas tree. The bend and twist easily around your mesh or whatever material you are making your wreath out of.

This is the new Twig Work Wreath. It is available in two colors: brown/green and green/brown. It is the same size as the regular Work Wreaths with the inner ring being 12" in diameter and the outer ring 15" in diameter. The height of the wreath is approximately 2 3/4"

The wreath is coated in a mossy, crusty material in brown-green. This crusty material will flake off a bit when handling and you will see some debris in the box when it ships.

The "twists" of the Twig Work Wreath are also coated in the same crusty material. These crusty twists will be a little harder on your hands and fingers than the regular Work Wreaths so you might want to wear a thin pair of gloves. Hope these extra photos will help with the difference between the two products. The Twig Garlands are coated with the same material. There are also two more new styles of Work Wreaths is a Glitter Work Wreath and the other is Pencil Twist Work Wreaths. As soon as they arrive I'll make additional photos of them and post.
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