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The Back Porch

The Back Porch

What is a back porch? Technically I guess it's just the back exit of a home to the outside with a little bit of protection from the elements.

In reality, it's an extension of the living area. If you browse images on Pinterest like this one from Dream makes it nearly impossible to be satisfied with one's own back porch!

But really, even if you had one like this one.....there would always be times that you wished it was a bit larger....a bit smaller.....had this or, don't get me wrong....I'd take this one in a NY min!

Browsing through some old photos lead me to show you some things that a back porch is good for)))

..... a place to have snacks))

..... a place for the "old folks" to visit and talk about old times ( my dad and my mother in law....don't tell them I said "old folks"

..... a place to show off new shoes

..... a place for the young and the old to sit quietly and just enjoy each other

..... a place for best friends to visit, listen to stories or read the paper

..... a place to talk football! Hotty Toddy!!

..... a place to show off ferns (the only thing green I can grow)

..... a place to show off flowers....grown by my 90 year old Dad))

..... a place to eat watermelon

..... a place to show off more flowers))) Grown by my cousin Barbara

The thing that prompted me to thinking about back porches was this beautiful red and white paper mesh wreath created by Gina Small for her All About You Designs Collection. Gina lives in Frankfort, Kentucky and has a business of decorating doors and thresholds for the holidays or any occasion.

Gina makes all sorts of fantastic wreaths for her customers. Please be sure to drop by All About You Designs (Facebook Page) and say hello, "like" her page and check out her won't be disappointed.

All About You Designs
All About You Designs
So back to my back porch daydreaming......if we ever build another house, I'll start with the back porch first! It will be twice as large as I think it needs to be...have a tall ceiling with fans hanging down to keep a cool breeze stirring, a stone fireplace with a built in box for kindling for those chilly fall days....a covered walkway that goes right out to the pool....and oh yeah, an outdoor kitchen...did I mention that? Hmmmmm......well, for right now I have to get the hose....and wash off the watermelon seed.
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