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Pine Tree with RAZ Gingerbread

Pine Tree with RAZ Gingerbread

gingerbread-tree Tabletop pine tree decorated with gingerbread ornaments from RAZ. We started with this 32" Northwood Pine Tree that comes wrapped in a burlap ball. It has little pinecones on it too.
XX1564-36-inch-northwoods-pine-tree XX1564 Northwoods Pine Tree
The limbs will need to be fluffed out and we placed the tree in a large black mixing bowl. We were decorating the tree for a kitchen area, so we chose a favorite old bowl that was a perfect size. You don't have to use a container, but a basket, colander, clay pot.....any kind of container would work. Next we added some ribbon strips. We chose some 1.5" width ribbons since the tree is small and just cut strips about 6" in length. Some ribbons were attached as just strips that were pinched in the center and some were made into small single loop bows.
RA1367-burlap-loose-weave-ribbon RA1367 1.5" Natural Loose Weave Burlap Ribbon
RG121124-cross-royal-burlap-red-1.5-inch RG121124 Cross Royal Burlap Red Ribbon 1.5" (Polyester)
The ball ornaments that you see on the tree were purchased at Wal Mart. They were just the perfect color for gingerbread and were anywhere from about 1" in diameter to 1.5". The ornaments are made of plastic, some are glittered, matte and in different shapes and sizes. We pulled the ornament caps off using needle-nose pliers. gingerbread-tree-tutorial Next we took some evergreen chenille stems and cut them in half. Each end of the half-piece of chenille stem was folded down about 1/2" to make the ends a little bit thicker than the normal width of a single chenille stem. Using hot glue, we attached an ornament ball to each end of the chenille stem. Once they were dry, we used one of the "ball ties" to secure the ribbon strips to the branches. This was a great way of added some extra bling to the tree without just having ornaments dangling. gingerbread-tree-twist-ball-tie-2 We used an assortment of gingerbread items, soft and claydough to the tree. We have many styles of sweets and gingerbread ornaments in stock. Here's a few that we used along with some other suggestions.
gingerbread-tree-gingerbread-couple-closeup 3316404 RAZ Skinny Leg Gingerbread Boy & Girl
gingerbread-tree-ice-cream RAZ Candy Sprinkles Ice Cream Cone and Soft Gingerbread Ornament
gingerbread-tree-moose RAZ Moose Cookie Ornament
gingerbread-tree-reindeer RAZ Chocolate Claydough Reindeer
gingerbread-tree-santa-small-gingerbread RAZ Santa & Elf Cookies, Soft Gingerbread Ornaments
rf24157x-faux-burlap-red-natural RF24157 Red and Natural Faux Burlap
We cut some strips of the red and natural faux burlap to place in the bowl and let the edges hang out. You really can't see it in the photo. You could use Christmas napkins or red/white checked napkins too or some type of cloth. A bow was placed on top using the 1.2" ribbon. We tried making a bow out of the faux burlap, but it was too heavy for the tree limb. You can tuck this little tree on your kitchen counter somewhere, even add a small string of battery lights. Probably a light strand of 24 would be just right. 497101-led-twinkle-24-warm-white-lights-black-cord Little bunches of cinnamon sticks tied with red ribbon! How cute that would be.....and would smell so good......heck, I bet you could even sprinkle a little cinnamon and nutmeg on the branches for a wonderful aroma))) video-blue
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