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Table Swag

table swag using poly deco mesh This beautiful table swag was made by the great designers at one of our suppliers. Table swags can be made in a variety of ways, but this was one created using a piece of a Deco Poly Work Garland to start with. white work garland Deco Poly Work Garland are wire garlands with "twists" similar to artificial Christmas tree branches. Use these twists to secure bunches of mesh netting, ribbon or fabrics to create a garland adding trims and embellishments as desired. The Work Garland can be cut to the desired length using wire cutters. An assortment of ribbons and Deco Poly Mesh was used in this swag creating a nice texture and contrast. The last layer of ribbon was a shiny satin. Some pearl picks were added in which would be perfect for wedding reception tables and pew markers. The black contrast is actually a black Glitter Strip Garland. Pieces were cut and tucked into the twists on the garland. Glitter Strip Garland is plastic and heavily glittered on both sides. It is flexible, but not wired. Similar to a plastic belt. It just gently holds a swirl. glitter strip garland Browse our listing of videos on creative ways of using Deco Poly Mesh, ribbons, Work Wreath and Work Garlands. There is even one on making a teardrop swag from a Work Garland. These are very impression decorations for door, walls, lamp posts, mail boxes, mantels etc.
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