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Swinging Bunny Rabbit!

Swinging Bunny Rabbit!


I love the mossy and natural look decorations. This little rabbit from RAZ is covered with grass and has a bunch of carrots sitting beside him. There is another style and they are sold in sets.


The Sitting Bunnies have little touches of burlap on their ears and feet. The Carrot Basket is holding Easter Eggs. These bunnies would look great on a wreath, but I thought we would try something different today.


We took the Rake from a set of Mossy Garden Tool, and re-purposed some moss roping from an old autumn project. EG2599H8-moss-look-ribbon

34603-drown-wormsThe "Gone to Drown Some Worms" sign is wooden and turned upside down would make a good swing seat. You could probably come up with something better for a swing seat....but this is just a demonstration project)))


Used the Moss Ribbon to wrap around then ends of the board for the swing and then attached it to the Moss Rake. Used some re-purposed wired 8" e3303435-carrot-picksburlap to make a bow and just drape down the "chains" of the swing.

Used a few Carrot Picks to add a little more orange color. Nothing fancy......just wanted to try out some of these items in a different fashion for a wall hanging.


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