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Square Twig Wreath with Permanent Botanicals

Square Twig Wreath with Permanent Botanicals

This is the Square Twig wreath from Craig Bachman Imports. Square metal frame measures approximately 15" with 36 twists staggered between the two frames. Use these twists to secure bunches of mesh netting, ribbon or fabrics to create a wreath. Twig Work Wreaths have a mossy like look. Expect some flaking off of the crusty material on the wreath as you work with it. Finished wreath measure approximately 24" or greater depending on the fullness of mesh netting. Just recently at the Dallas Market this J Schwanke & uBloom created a beautiful decoration using the Square Twig Wreath and permanent botanicals. Just click on the image to see the video. Square Twig wreaths are available in two colors and we also have the round Twig Wreaths and Twig Garlands. The RAZ Forest Frost and Telluride Sleigh Ride 2012 collections have some beautiful natural looking permanent botanicals that would be perfection for embellishing a Square Twig Wreath.
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