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Showcasing Facebook Friends Valentine Wreaths!

Valentine's is just around the corner and if you're still in need of gorgeous decorations for your home or office, browse through this collection of adorable Valentine displays created by Trendy Tree Facebook friends. Many of them are for sale in Etsy shops, on Facebook pages or word of mouth. Most any of these talented folks will create something custom for you too. Some are not for sale and are here for your inspiration and shared because of the creator's love for crafting))) So grab a Diet Coke, cup of of chocolates.....whatever is your poison and be inspired!

Karen created this silver wreath with red mesh ribbon, trimmed in zebra ribbon and red hearts ribbon. It also has pink glitter heart picks and hot pink flex tubing throughout the wreath. The wreath has a red trimmed in black Valentine's sign in glitter in the middle if the wreath. Wreath measures around 28" and this is already made, ready to ship. You can also see more of Karen's creations on her Facebook Page Custom Wreath Designs and at her Etsy shop lilmaddy12

DeDe created a red and white striped mesh on a 30" Work Wreath, trimmed with 4" and 2.5" mesh ribbon, silver Deco Flex Tubing and silver glitter picks. Heart sign in the center is made of metal. This Valentine wreath was created by DeDe Hilbun and you can see more of her beautiful wreaths on her Facebook page Wreaths by DeDe, just browse through the photos. You know, at Christmas time when all sorts of red styles of mesh is plentiful, we're really just not thinking about Valentine's day. But it's always a good idea to stock up on red/white stripe, solid red of course in all sizes, red/white checks, pinks and chocolates.....all perfect for Valentine creations.
Hunter's wreath was crafted using a grapevine wreath, assorted Valentine ribbons and red and white ball ornaments. It has hearts accents and a wooden heart with "love" on left as accent. Wreath measures 18 inches. You can also see more of Hunter's creations on her Facebook page CarolinaMoonCrafts.
This is Corinda Valentine oval shaped wreath made with a base of red foil mesh and accented with red and white stripe, and white contrasting mesh and the wider open weave white mesh is Saxon mesh which really adds another dimension in texture to the wreath. It also has some glittery hearts and picks. Here's another creation by Corinda.
Huge wreath made of a base of red and white check mesh netting, accented by tufts of red foil mesh and again, there's that nice textured Saxon in pink which makes an interesting contrast. More glitz and shine with the picks and a shiny word sign in the center. You can see more of Corinda's creations on her Facebook Page Post Creations Online.

Jordan's wreath was made of red foil mesh base with contrasting polka dot, Valentine ribbon and black and white animal print ribbon. Accented with glitter balls and large red and white hearts. Here's another of Jordan's wreaths.

This wreath is a combination of white, red and pink mesh, some curly style mesh and contrasting ribbons in sheer black and red, and another in black and white. Wreath is accented with large pink hearts. You can see more of Jordan's handicraft on his Facebook Page Designs by Jordan.

Barbara's Valentine wreath has a little bit of extra sweetness with the pink stuffed animal)) The wreath was made pink and red foil mesh, contrasting red and white polka dot ribbon and a bit of red, silver tinsel and ornaments. Bow is swagged down from the bottom giving extra length to the wreath. Here's another of Barbara's creations.
This wreath is made with a combination of hot pink and white foil mesh, decorative red tinsel hearts in the center, contrasting bow and lots of shiny embellishments. You can see more of Barbara's handcrafted items on her Facebook Page.

Lynne's Valentine Wreath was made from Deco Mesh and sculpted to look like an adorable Valentine Bear! This is an EXTRA Large wreath measuring 35"x24"x10". Yards and yards of white deco mesh were used to sculpt the design. Glitter hearts were added to his round belly in shades of hot pink/red. His ears have red glitter heart centers and he lifts his arms to be hugged showing off the white glitter heart paw pads. A hot pink polka dotted bow finishes him off easily visible from the curb. See more of Lynne's creations at her wreathartist Etsy Shop and her Facebook Page Wreath Artist - Monogram Unity Candles.

Here are a couple more examples of Lynne's creativity.

Valentine Wreath is a very large grapevine heart with a basket style design, Hot Pink and soft pink deco mesh is used as a backdrop to frame the overflowing pink and white flowers, pink dew drop roses, glitter hearts and metallic heart ting ting sprays. This wreath is LARGE and heavy measuring in at 24" x 28" and VERY visible from the curb of your street. The hanger at the top is created using hot pink glitter wire and will solidly anchor to your door/wall. See more of Lynne's creations at her wreathartist Etsy Shop and her Facebook Page Wreath Artist - Monogram Unity Candles.

HOOOOOOOO needs something different for this Valentine's Day to decorate their door? Lynne specialize in "sculpting" with Deco Mesh as opposed to the typical round wreaths most people make. Locally she am known for my unique creations using Deco Mesh and fill custom orders. This Valentine Owl Wreath is HUGE and ONE OF A KIND . It measures 34" across x 31" tall and about 10" thick. It would also be adorable in a little girl's room. It is made of layers and layers of deco mesh, glitter accents, and ribbon. Nearly 30 yards of mesh was used to create the wreath! See more of Lynne's creations at her wreathartist Etsy Shop and her Facebook Page Wreath Artist - Monogram Unity Candles.

Sherry's wreath is on a grapevine wreath form, white foil mesh with some lime green, pink flowers and glittery pink heart and sprays. The contrasting black, pink, red and white ribbon really gives it a pop of color. You can see more of Sherry's creations on her Facebook Page.
Kathi's wreath is made from hot pink or fuchsia foil mesh with contrasting white mesh with an additional heart ribbon on top of that. Glittery pink open heart picks, Deco Flex Tubing and shiny heart ornaments add to the sparkle and a big Love sign in the center. If you're interested in Kathi's wreath, just contact us at Trendy Tree and we'll put you in touch with her.

Gloria created this gorgeous wreath for the entrance to a boutique......looks like my kind of place to shop! Wreath made of red and black poly mesh with a contrasting black and silver ribbon....lots of Bling on this wreath!

Here's another couple of wreaths from Gloria.

Triple colors of mesh with red, pink and hot pink - accented with glittery heart picks and heart sign. Looks like a really large, full wreath.

Another great use of red and black for Valentine's. Contrasting ribbons in black and white patterns and notice the wording. Frilly little black hearts really add a nice touch. Thank you Gloria for sharing! Visit Gloria at her Facebook Page.

Beautiful wreath created by Susan Blandford for the sheer joy of creating. Nice job and thank you for sharing! Full base of red foil mesh, contrasting pink mesh and red and white ribbon, accented with glitter heart picks. Notice the personal touch with the heart shaped from Deco Flex Tubing and wire. If you're interested in Susan's creation, just contact Trendy Tree (link at the top of the page) and we'll be happy to put you in touch with Susan.

Beautiful creation by Rhonda Emanuel. Wreath is a base of red/white striped foil mesh, wire edge solid ribbon, red Deco Flex Tubing, and a nice accent of animal print ribbon, heart picks with curly-q's and a great big red bow. Love the heart and the box of chocolates)))). You can visit Rhonda at her Facebook Page and see more of her creations.

Polly Brown created this wreath made of a red foil mesh base, pink mesh then a 10" red and white striped mesh. Again, most of the time I've thought of this red/white striped mesh as a Christmas product and when I reordered it for this year....I really wasn't thinking about needing more in and learn so to speak))) The wreath also has some contrasting ribbon in polka dots and pink with some nice big heart accents and one in the center. Polly has many more creations on her Facebook Page.

This is Leah Blum's Valentine wreath made of pink foil mesh, contrasting white wire edge ribbon with red glitter hearts,Waffle ribbon and heart picks as an accent. Waffle ribbon is a Craig Bachman Imports product that has been renamed Deco Flex Ribbon, so if you starting searching for it later, you might need to check both names. We'll be stocking it in many colors when it arrives in May. You can visit Leah at her Facebook Page for more photos.

This wreath was crafted by Janice Wilson at G & J's Handmades using a base of red and silver foil mesh, white mesh, contrasting white edge ribbon with whimsical hearts and heart tinsel and picks for extra glitz and a big pink heart with kisses in the center. You can see more of Janice's creations on her Facebook Page G & J's Handmades.

Kristina Gardea's Valentine wreath is simply chocked full of ribbon. Pink base with at least three different contrasting ribbons with tons of loops and bows. Big loops and heart shapes made from glitter sticks. You can see more of Kristina's handiwork on her Facebook page Floral Creations by Kristina.

Here are a couple more of Kristina's wreaths.

Beautiful wreath in red with all sorts or contrasting Valentine ribbon, big glittered heart hanging from the bottom of the wreath.

This is a unique wreath by Kristina with the use of the ABC blocks to spell out the word Love. The blocks really add a nice dimension to the wreath and just leads the way for more ideas in using blocks! Baby shower decorations....primary color wreaths for children...or birthday parties. Again, you can see more of Kristina's creations at her Facebook Page Floral Creations by Kristina.

Jennifer used the curly wreath technique making this Valentine wreath - all pink and white's just cheerful just looking at it! Here's another of Jennifer's creations.

This wreath by Jennifer is made of red foil mesh, with contrasting white and black animal print ribbon. Love the big letters in the center. You can see more of Jennifer's creations at her Facebook Page A-door-able-Designs.

Nickie Cagle's Valentine wreath is made of pink and red foil mesh with glitzy heart picks and contrasting black and silver ribbon. Here's another Valentine wreath made by Nickie.
Nickie used a grapevine wreath as a base and the ribbon tie technique with assorted styles of Valentine ribbon. The wreath is accented by shiny balls and spray and a big glittered Happy Valentines Day sign in the center. Visit Nickie at her Facebook Page for more photos.
This Valentine wreath was created by Becky Hans using a red foil mesh and black with silver stripe. A wide assortment of Valentine ribbons were used on this wreath.....I can't imagine how many yards went into this finished project)) Small red hearts and some glittery picks add sparkly touches along with the big red heart in the center. To see more of Becky's creations visit her Facebook Page.

This is Brandy's "Heart of Heart's" Valentine's Day Wreath. She used red and black deco mesh, red and black ornaments, and random glitter hearts. She also used a red sequin ribbon throughout the wreath and accented with pearls. You can see more of Brandy's designs at her RedWithEnvyDesigns Etsy Shop and on her Facebook Page Red With Envy Designs.

These next two photos are very unique wreaths created by Angie Ethridge at Petals and Plumes. These extraordinary wreaths are creations that Angie sells in her Etsy Shop Petals and Plumes and you can also see her designs on her Facebook Page.

Please note that the designs by Petals and Plumes are copyrighted.

Well we started off with one of Karen Harrison's wreaths and we'll finish this post with one of hers)) This beautiful wreath is a base of red/white mesh with contrasting wire edge ribbon and mesh ribbon, red and pink heart picks and a big heart in the center. You can see more of Karen's creations on her Facebook Page Custom Wreath Designs and at her Esty Shop

Thanks to all the talented folks who shared their wreaths with us for this post, we appreciate it so much! All of these stunning creations were handcrafted by folks across the nation and from all walks of life.....some are stay at home moms, working men and women, teachers, health care workers, retirees, grandmothers, decorators, business professionals and many more. But they all have one thing in common, they love to craft and make beautiful things for their homes, friends and family and most of these items if not all....are for sale! Crafting is a great way of earning extra income and it's fun!

Most of the folks who sent wreaths for this post are Facebook fans of Trendy Tree or members of two fantastic crafting groups on Facebook - Angela Davis' Prettify Your Life and Gina Carter-Small's Bluegrass Kraft Korner. These are both "closed" groups so an invitation is required. All you have to do is click on the link at the top of the page and ask for an invitation, but if you need any assistance, just let me know and I'll be glad to contact the page managers for you.

Angela also has an outstanding blog that is chocked full of decorating ideas, crafting tips and video. It's Prettify Your Life also.

If you're interested in crafting, have questions or ideas you want to share....or just want to show off your creations to persons with the same interest.....please drop in on these groups and ask for an invitation.....they would love to have you.

I hope you'll drop by the personal pages, business pages or Etsy shops of these creative folks and tell them how much you admired their handiwork....and it's still not too late to get one of these unique wreaths before Valentine's Day. When you drop in, be sure to tell them Trendy Tree sent you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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