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Showcasing Easter Wreaths from Facebook Friends and Trendy Tree Customers

Adorn the door to your home with one of these beautiful Easter wreaths created by talented Facebook friends and Trendy Tree customers. Most of the creations showcased here are for sell, or can be custom created for you by these individuals. So grab a bag of jelly beans to munch on and browse around.

By the way.....I picked up a bag of jelly beans at the local CVS the other day.....they were cherry covered in dark die for! And, since we're talking about Easter's a recipe and instructions for making your own chocolate covered jelly beans from 1 Fine Cookie!

Just click on the image to go 1 Fine Cookie and see the rest of the many flavors to try.....I am sooooo trying this. Now...on to the Easter parade of wreaths!
Gina's wreath is made with a full roll of metallic turquoise mesh accented with a rainbow of, homemade, chenille picks that she put together alongside the complimenting ribbons to pull everything together. Very colorful and bright! Love the way she created the chenille stems and put together a color combination that was perfect for this wreath. And you could remove the center Easter sign and use a party theme, child's room or nursery, baby shower.....lots of uses other than Easter.And those pretty little colorful curly stems.....Gina made them using chenille stems, floral wire and tape. Here's Gina's directions for the curly stems: Depending on how tight you want... you can use a pencil or, as you see in mine, I used the magic marker barrel to wrap them around ... I left about an inch on the ends straight.... laid the floral stem (18 gauge) up against the pipe cleaners after I bunched them together, then just took the two-sided tape and wrapped it all up... I tried floral tape, but it didn't seem to secure them as much as I wanted. Here's a couple more of Gina's Easter colorful and cheery)))
Cute wreath made out of sparkly white mesh and decorated with all sorts of colors. Big RAZ Hydrangea Bunny Hat with Ears make a nice focus point in the center. The wreath is decorated with all sorts of Deco Flex Tubing, pom poms and pretty multicolored garland.
This wreath is one of my favorite color combinations.....lime green and pink! This is hot pink or fuchsia and contrasting polka dot and plaid ribbon. Wreath is accented with RAZ Bunny Head picks that come in three different colors on Trendy Tree. Plus, there are more Easter goodies tucked into this wreath. RAZ small Lollipops and Easter Eggs.....great combination. And on either of these wreaths, after Easter, you could pull out the Easter items and still have a great Spring wreath, or decoration for any sort of Spring/Summer celebration. You can see more of Gina's handicraft at Bluegrass Kraft Korner - a Facebook group made of many talented might want to join too! Just request an invitation on the group page and you'll be welcomed in Kentucky style!

Rhonda has three Easter wreaths for you to browse. This first one is made with an outside base of pink foil mesh, inside round of purple foil and assorted mesh curls in turquoise and lime. Accented with glittery Easter egg picks, flowers and a big bunny head in the center.

This is Rhonda's Barbie wreath in lime green and pink foil mesh. It measures 24" and could be left up year round in a girls room. Take the eggs off add some bows and you have an adorable wreath for any little girl.

Purple is one of Rhonda's favorite colors))) This Easter wreath is made of purple foil mesh, accented with contrasting lime ribbons and Easter egg picks and sprays. Rhonda has an Esty shop called TheCenterpieceLady. You can also see her creations on her Facebook page and she's happy to create something special just for you.

This wreath was created by Robin Evans for her Etsy Shop Wreaths Etc. It is full of Easter decorations, a sweet bunny, lots of eggs, ribbon, deco tubing & crystal flowers. Wreath is created with a base of hot pink or fuchsia and purple foil poly mesh, accented lots of contrasting ribbon in different patterns and styles. Love the fuzzy look bow on the top. Glittery Easter egg picks add little pops of color along with the bits of Deco Flex Tubing. Sweet bunny decked out in organza and ribbons...

This is the second of Robin's Easter wreaths, we'll be showing you three. This Wreath has an adorable Easter plaque welcoming your guests to your home. Its adorned with Easter eggs & a cute butterfly. It measures 35 inches from top to bottom and 36 inches from left to right.

Its decorated with Easter ribbon & Deco Flex Tubing & pretty purple flowers. Here's another pic of the bow at the top so you can get a better look. I love the use of the animal print ribbon.

If you'll notice in the Robin's photos, the tips of her Deco Flex Tubing look pointy.....c'mon'll have to share how you did this)))

A beautiful Easter Wreath full of Easter eggs, bunny rabbits, flowers, ribbons, Spring greenery. It would make any door proud!!!! The wide polka dot ribbon really stands out on this wreath give a nice contrast. And, after Easter is could just pop out the bunnies and the eggs and continue on with this wreath for many weeks to come.

You can visit Robin at her Esty shop Wreaths Etc and see all her creations there.

Beautiful lavender wreath created by Leslee Pesak for her Bienvenue Designs Etsy Shop. Pink ribbon for contrast along with yellow and white polka dotted ribbon. Glittery Easter eggs add sparkle and the huge pink polka dot cross in the center reminds us what Easter is all about. Thank you Leslee for sharing your gorgeous wreath.
This is Jordan's Easter wreath using a Lime Green Work Wreath. It is a baby blue mesh accented with a lime green foil mesh. Contrasting ribbons include green, yellow and an Easter egg print in shades of pink. A cheery bunny Happy Easter sign in the center just sets it off. You can see more of Jordan's creativity on his Facebook Page Designs by Jordan.
Karen's Wreath is a yellow Work Wreath with pink basket weave mesh ribbon. It is trimmed in ribbon and a turquoise glitter ribbon with hot pink mesh ribbon through out the wreath. This also has glitter eggs with polka dots and eggs made out of a paper material. This is finished with berry picks and a polka dot hat with bunny ears in the middle of the wreath. This is already made, ready to ship and measures around 28" Karen has used some RAZ products to embellish her wreath. The Rabbit Hat with ears is available in pink or blue, decorated with polka dots and bunny ears. These hats will be arriving to Trendy Tree any day now. She has also used some unique RAZ Easter eggs that are very colorful, made of polyfoam and crepe paper. We sell them in sets of 4. They measure about 5" x 3" and are an Exclusive RAZ product.
This is a yellow basket weave mesh ribbon trimmed in pink, turquoise and green mesh trim ribbon. This wreath was created on a turquoise Work Wreath. The wreath has also has a festive garland with bunny picks and Easter egg picks. It has turquoise flex tubing and a cute polka dot hat in the middle. This is ready to ship and measures around 28". This one is one of Karen's favorite wreaths. Be sure to drop by Karen's Etsy Shop Custom Wreath Designs by lilmaddy and browse around.

Autumn's wreath is a 28" beautiful blue waffle weave deco mesh wreath that is adorned with a wired in Easter sign, bright colored eggs, apple green deco flex tubing and pink metallic deco mesh ribbon. This adorable wreath is ready to ship .

This is another of Autumn's wreaths. A 28" light moss green deco mesh wreath on a copper Work Wreath form that is adorned with a wired in Easter bunny "Welcome" sign, orange deco flex tubing and creme metallic deco mesh ribbon. This adorable wreath is ready to ship .
This is a 28" spring green and white check deco mesh wreath that is adorned with a 14" bunny, bright pink, soft pink and beige eggs with brown swirls, brown deco flex tubing, paisley print ribbon and metallic pink mesh ribbon.
This is a 29" crystal blue deco mesh wreath that is adorned with a 14" bunny with brown and blue polka dot ribbon, 4" brown and blue deco mesh ribbon, beautiful floral ribbon, green deco flex tubing and many colorful eggs.
This is a 28" orange and green check deco mesh wreath that is adorned with a wired in 15" carrot, (5) 4" bright colored eggs, orange deco flex tubing, carrot ribbon and metallic green deco mesh ribbon. Another of Autumn's designs. This is a 27" pink and lime plaid deco mesh wreath with lots of colorful wooden eggs and ribbon.
Lastly, this is a 28" pastel striped deco mesh wreath that has a lovely little rabbit on it all dressed in lilac surrounded by 4" lavender deco mesh ribbon, colored wire curly's, 2 colors of deco flex tubing and colorful eggs trimmed in polka dot ribbon. She is wired on and can be removed. Having specific holiday items like the Easter bunny that can be removed, really adds to the versatility of the wreath.
This is a 28" lavender deco mesh wreath that is adorned with a 2 RAZ bunnies, a Happy Easter sign, (3) 5" eggs, polka dot & swirly eggs, 2 different types of ribbon and deco flex tubing. The adorable bunnies on a stick were purchased at my friend's business (Thank you Autumn!)

Autumn's wreaths are all ready to ship and she invites you to come by her Facebook page. Just drop in "Like" her Facebook page to keep up with her latest wreath additions.
Jennifer's Easter wreath is a pretty light green mesh with purple Waffle Ribbon contrast and a big Easter Bunny who looks like he's been painting eggs in the Center. Here's another of Jennifer's creations:

This wreath is light pink and shades of purple. You can see more of Jennifer's designs on her Facebook Page A-door-able Designs. She also makes very creative designs using diaper and baby products that are great for baby celebrations and showers.

Angie Ethridge - Petals and Plumes Etsy Shop

This is Angie's Mad Hatter Wreath. He is made from Faux fur, with two colors used on his ears and they are wired. Ornaments and eggs are all hand embellished and his Vest and Waist Coat is hand made with coordinating colors. The Button and Egg beads on his Vest are also hand made painted along with the Clock . He measures 37 x 28 x 10. You can visit Angie's Etsy Shop Petals and Plumes to see more of her creative handiwork.

Janet's wreath is made with a base of pink mesh, contrasting chocolate brown ribbon, lots of spring flowers and cream and chocolate RAZ Easter Eggs. Here's another of Janet's creations:

This wreath is a combination of yellow and blue mesh with glittered Easter eggs, flowers and Deco Flex Tubing. Janet creates and sells her wreaths locally. She lives in Dubai. If you would like to get in touch with her, just drop me a note and I'll get it to her.

Rita's wreath is on a 24 inch lavender work wreath, with lavender/white striped mesh and white mesh. It is accented in pink, green, and lavender. It has pink and lavender mesh ribbons, lime green Laser Glamour rope, and lime green deco tubing. It also has Easter eggs, flowers, a small birds nest, and a cute top hat with bunny ears. You can see more of Rita's creations on her Facebook Page, Wreaths by Rita.

This wreath, and the next three, are creations from Kari Bartosik, Petals Gift Shop. This Easter is a base of lavender mesh decorated with a glittery purple ribbon, clusters of Easter egg picks and cute bunny hat with ears. Kari has also used some large RAZ Lollipops in her creation for a little extra sugar)) The RAZ Lollipop decorations are usually something that only comes out in the Christmas collections, but this RAZ gave us Lollipop for our spring and summer decorations! There are available in two sizes and come in assorted colors.

This Easter wreath is blue and fuchsia or hot pink mesh with lots of glitter and sparkle from sprays, more egg clusters, RAZ Lollipops and black bunny hat. Love the furry ears)))
Kari's wreath is full of spring blooms, decorated Easter eggs an even a little Easter baskets. A pink bunny hat tops off this creation. Kari's last wreath is a cute white bunny with furry ears and a big pink bow around the neck. Thank you Kari for sharing your creations with Trendy Tree! You can see more of Kari's lovely creations at her website - Petals. Kari also has a blog - Petals and Facebook page.

Thank you all for sharing your lovely Easter creations! We hope this parade of Easter wreaths inspires you to get up and get out there creating or just decorating. When you visit the the folks who created these pieces, please tell them Trendy Tree sent you!

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