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Shout Out to Posh Creations!

Here at Trendy Tree we are always happy to give a shout out to our "crafty" customers! It's always such a pleasure to see how some of the products we sell are turned into such fabulous creations. Corinda Toy is one of these gifted people and we hope you enjoy browsing through some of her recent handcrafted wreaths. Corinda has an Etsy shop called Posh Creations where she offers her wreaths for sale and also on her Facebook Page Posh Creations Online. Burlap is a very hot item this year! Corinda has several different colors of burlap wreaths and she's happy to customize them for you.
This is a chocolate brown burlap wreath. Really rich warm color to this burlap. Its made on a 14 inch base but measures 19' x 19" when finished.This one has a beautiful burlap bow but custom hand made felt flowers could be added instead. There is also a mini chalkboard for writing phrases or notes.
This is a beige burlap wreath with handmade cream and tan flowers. It measures 19" x 19"
This is a sage green burlap wreath with tan burlap flowers and cream felt roses......just the description sounds lovely without even seeing the wreath! It was made on a 14" base and measures 18" x 18". Burlap wreaths are very full. Easter is just around the corner and Corinda can fix you up! These pretty wreaths sure say "Easter Bunny Please Stop Here!"
This wreath is made from the new Vertical Line style of mesh. Very rich colors, a matte like finish and a great texture. It's available in several colors here at Trendy Tree and we have more on the way! This wreath is highlighted with tufts of pink and yellow Saxon mesh which is a wide open weave natural fabric with a nice texture. Easter egg picks accent the wreath and there's a nice big RAZ Easter Egg in the center. In the Easter wreath below, Corinda has chosen a purple foil mesh along with a multicolor striped mesh. This wreath also has a RAZ Easter Egg in the center.
This is a gorgeous springtime wreath using the curly method. It's made of several different colors of mesh and has a big pink glittered Happy Easter sign. This wreath is so full you can hardly tell there is an opening in the center! Nice job! This is just a small sampling of Corinda's handiwork. Please drop by her Etsy Shop or her Facebook page and browse through her creations. She would be very happy to assist you with a custom wreath or make any sort of changes that you need. Be sure to tell her Trendy Tree sent you! Thank you Corinda for sharing these photos with us!
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