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Shabby Chic Rag Garland

Shabby Chic Rag Garland

Want to learn how to make a shabby chic rag garland? It's easy! You can do it with just scraps of fabric and something to tie the strips on to.


Cotton fabrics are the best to use because you need to be able to tear the strips. Cotton or a cotton blend works well for a rag garland. Look for something that is similar to sheet material. Some fabrics will tear better than others of course, just experiment with what you like best. Tear the fabric into strips about 2" in width and anywhere from 20 to 24" in length. The strips do not have to be a precise length unless you want them to be.


You can use most any kind of roping for your rag garland. Rachel used a jute twist rope that she got at Lowe's. Measure the distance you need for your garland and choose a rope that is sturdy enough to support a couple of pounds.

Tying the Knots

Tie the fabric strips with a slip knot for the rag garland. Even though it is a shabby chic project, you do want all your knots tied the same way. slip knot, garland, fabric garland Fold the fabric strip in half and pinch together a couple of inches from the top. Slip your fingers through the loop and hold the rope behind the fabric. tying a slip knot Pull up the tails through the loop. Practice with a few knot until you see that you can get them going all in the same direction. shabby chic garland, rag garland garland made out of fabric strips

Finishing Touch

Rachel had the baby's initials monogrammed for the rag garland and placed this as the center point. She draped the garland on the front of a table for the baby shower. Didn't it turn out great! And her sister was so pleased. The shabby chic rag garland made a unique decoration for the baby shower, and her sister can use it for decoration in the baby's room too. baby shower, table decoration, shabby chic rag garland A rag garland should be rustic and don't fret too much when making it. It's supposed to be that way! You can make it more ragged if you like, by unraveling the fabric more. Have fun with rag garlands! They are perfect for decorating a mirror, picture frame, headboard, window sills, door ways, mantels and a thousand other places. You can make this type of garland also with ribbon for a dressier, less shabby look. Wired ribbon is okay, but unwired really works better for a garland. Other tutorials you might enjoy: Fresh Garland with Magnolia Pine & Cedar
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