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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Rolling Christmas Tree Base

Rolling Christmas Tree Base

Treat yourself this Christmas!

A rolling Christmas tree base is one of the handiest things to have. They are great for moving the tree for decorating or relocating to a storage area.

Here's the link: 4152045 24" Rolling Stand

rolling Christmas tree base


In years past when I had to decorate a 10 ft for our home, a rolling base helped so much.

I was able to turn the tree around for decorating all sides without moving the ladder.

When Christmas was over, we wrapped the tree in sheets, taped them in place and rolled that whopper of a tree to a corner in the shop....lights, ornaments and everything!

Now, I wouldn't recommend leaving keepsake or expensive ornaments on a tree and storing like this, but for basic decorations, it worked well for us. Especially leaving the lights in place.

We've downsized now, and have a much smaller tree, slender and tall, but I can vouch for a rolling tree base. It's a great gift yourself too)))


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