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Rhonda Carrier Designs

Rhonda Carrier Designs

Rhonda Carrier Designs Etsy Shop where you can purchase beautiful wreaths

This is a shout out to Rhonda Carrier, one of our talented wreath crafting customers. 

Rhonda Carrier Designs

Rhonda is an RN who has been making wreaths for several years now as extra income. She has been a faithful customer of Trendy Tree for quite a while and we appreciate her business so much. 

We wanted to take a few moments of your time to share some of her beautiful creations. Rhonda uses a lot of Trendy Tree products in her crafting and we'll show you some product links along the way. 

But if you aren't a crafter, or don't have time to make one for yourself, you can purchase Rhonda's beautiful wreaths from Etsy. Each image will give you a link direct to her Etsy shop.

Or, you can browse all the creations in her Etsy shop: RhondaCarrierDesigns

bumblebee wreath


Spring wreath for front door! Colorful, grapevine, bee wreath with yellow pom daisies, with other small flowers and berries in a variety of colors. Yellow and black polka dot, fabric, curly stems give the wreath a touch of whimsy. Two fabric covered styrofoam bees are securely attached to the wreath. Gorgeous, mix of black and yellow ribbon patterns were used in the bow design.

Search Tip

A good way of searching on Trendy Tree for similar items for a wreath like this would be to just search "yellow black." It will pull up a host of products in yellow and black. It might save you some time searching instead of looking for "yellow and black ribbon" or similar search terms. Just try it and see what you think!

lemon grapevine wreath


Spring wreath for front door! Chunky, angel vine wreath base, with styrofoam lemons, a variety of artificial greenery and a metal lemon sign, securely attached to wreath. 3 different green and yellow ribbons were used in the bow design. Beautiful door decor for spring that will last thru the summer months. Paper wrapped wire hanger is attached for appropriate hanging.

Search Tip

If you are looking for a lemon sign like the one above, or lemon picks and sprays, just use the search term "lemon." 

I just did a quick look and using "lemon" as the search term brought up four different lemon sprays or picks, nine different lemon signs, and two styles of lemon ribbon. Digging a little deeper with terms like "yellow green" will bring up more ribbon that works for a similar wreath.

ladybug wreath for spring or summer front door


Spring wreath for front door! Adorable, rustic, burlap and grapevine ladybug door hanger. The ladybug has a convex shaped back, that is formed with firm wire on the underside. It is not a flat back. Antenna on the ladybug are made with thick wire covered in fuzzy material. The floral arrangement on her back is firmly secured, to the wire, in several places with zip ties. Arrangement includes artificial greenery, thick felt red daisies, fuzzy curly stems and twigs, a yarn pom pom ladybug, and a red geranium stem with white berries. Tiny, yellow flower stems are also included in the arrangement. Black ribbon with large white polka dots, ladybug ribbon, and a thin black and white polka dot, with reversible stripe, ribbon, were used to create the lovely bow. Not only is this a perfect spring door hanger but will last thru out the summer. Or you could use as office door decor, or give as a gift. With Mothers Day just around the corner, this would be a perfect gift for a mother.

Search Tip

Use the search term "ladybug." This term will bring up about 15 or so ladybug related products including ribbon, signs and actual ladybugs. Our spring products are still arriving so there is still more to come! Also use "red black" to pick up on some more ribbon choices, picks and sprays. 

Using a broad search term will of course bring up items that you may not have been looking for. But there is less chance that you will miss something. You just have to do some extra scrolling))). Sometimes it might bring up items that you may not have thought about using in your a polka dot Christmas ornament.

patriotic wreath on moss wreath form


Patriotic wreath for front door. A simple but elegant wreath for July 4th, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day. This is an extremely nice moss wreath, with red poppies, white daisies, red and blue berries, and a variety of artificial greenery. Quality, wired, red, white, and blue ribbon was used in the bow design. Perfect door wreath to celebrate all your patriotic holidays.

Search Tip

Use the search term "patriotic" when looking for similar products. Another term to use is "red white blue" you can always leave out words like "and." Searching "patriotic" brings up almost twenty different patriotic signs! 

Searching "red white blue" results in several styles of patriotic ribbon, signs, picks and sprays, even some flowers.


Thanks again to Rhonda Carrier Designs for allowing us to share some of her beautiful wreath images. Click here to learn more about Rhonda's story. 

Remember that you can click on the images and go straight to her Etsy shop to purchase! And by all means, do some browsing there! She has wreaths for all occasions, seasons and holidays. And I'm seeing FREE SHIPPING on her site right now. We all love that!

Be sure to drop by Rhonda's Facebook page too and say hello. Tell her Trendy Tree sent you! 

See more of Rhonda's wreaths here: Beautiful Spring Wreaths

Thanks for visiting our blog, we do appreciate it so much! If you have any questions or comments, just leave us a note: Contact Trendy Tree

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