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Red Flower Christmas Tree

Red Flower Christmas Tree

red flower christmas tree, red poppy, red poinsettia

My Red Flower Christmas Tree

Quick look at my red flower Christmas tree. Since we downsized a while back, it means that we no longer have to decorate a 10 foot tree for Christmas. Yayyy! No more bringing in a ladder, no more calling on family and friends to help. My 7' Christmas tree arrived in a box, in two pieces that my husband could handle easily. The tree came fixed in the white pot, so all was put two pieces together.
flocked christmas tree, potted christmas tree Flocked Castle Pine with Lights
My tree came direct from Vickerman and didn't come with lights, which was fine, it was easy to add lights to the tree. My intent was to add about 600 lights at least, but after 300 it seemed like that was enough. The image above is the same tree you can get from Amazon and it does come with lights. In hindsight, I should have gone ahead and added the other 300 because after decorations were added, because it could have used more lights. But, that's okay for this season. Next year I'll add the rest. No need to fret over it! My Christmas trees for many years were all decorated with thoughts of the grandchildren in mind. They are all almost grown up now, so this year I decided to do the tree like I wanted. Simple, fresh looking, red and green. Here's some closeup views of some of the red flower pieces I chose.

Red Poppy

red poppy I'll start with the poppy. It was my favorite red flower! We ordered these back at the 2019 market and my intent had been to grab some for myself out of the warehouse to make a spring/summer arrangement. Well, you know what happens and that arrangement never got made. So, I decided to use them on my Christmas tree. Love, love, love them. Each stem has two blooms and a big green bud. The stems have that little bit of fuzz that makes them look so real. red poppy, poppy bud, red flower christmas tree Look at that bud! Isn't it gorgeous! red poppy, The red flower blooms themselves sort of look like a hibiscus. They are bright red. All the flowers on the tree are different shades of red. And in some of the images you will see some dried hydrangeas that I painted red. They came out a deep burgundy color. The SKU for the Red Poppy stem is FS320924 and I used 12 stems on this tree. red poppy, poppies, red poppies, poppy bud

RAZ Boxwood Berry Bush

raz boxwood, berry bush, red berries The RAZ Boxwood Berry bush is a large bush that could be separated into pieces. Typically, that's what I would do, but for this tree I just used them whole without breaking apart. My thoughts were that I might want to use the bush for something else later and I try not to manipulate it too much in case I have another idea. The SKU for the RAZ Boxwood Berry Bush is F3902353 and I used six on my tree. boxwood, raz berry, red berry bush


velvet poinsettia, red green poinsettia I used two different styles of poinsettias on my red flower tree. One was red and green velvet shown above. And the other was red and black in the image below. Six of SKU F3506888 RAZ Poinsettia. red black poinsettia, red linen poinsettia, christmas poinsettia The red black poinsettia SKU is 280882 and I used six of these on my red flower tree. I chose the red black poinsettia because I wanted to vary the shades of red. Red and black linen poinsettias were a good contrast to the brighter red color of the poppy sprays.

Other Products Used

dried hydrangea, red hydrangea Dried Red Hydrangeas - from my yard
Since the hydrangeas that were left over from my fall mantel had held up so well, I thought painting them might work for Christmas. Loved them and stuck them in the tree too. Here's a link to that blog post if you would like to see more about the dried hydrangeas. Dried Hydrangeas for the Christmas Tree The flocked white branches in the top were 225359 White Wrapped Snowed Branch. Because these were re-purposed from last year and had been cut, I wasn't sure how many total were used. But you can still find them in stock right now.


Thank you for visiting our blog post about my red flower Christmas tree. We appreciate it so much! If you have any questions or comments, just leave a note. We love hearing from our readers. Merry Christmas! *Disclosure: (Jeannie Pence) The Trendy Tree blog and social media post may generate some income (Jeannie Pence) through affiliate links, sponsored post or general advertising. Trendy Tree only works with companies we trust and personally use. An affiliate link to a company or product may result in a small commission based on a click through or referral fee that is paid by the seller. The amount is not added to your expense. It is a form of advertising.
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