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RAZ Witch's Legs Halloween Decoration

RAZ has a new set of Witch's Legs this year from the Black and Bling Collection. Witch legs are always great Halloween decorating items. They can be used in such an assortment of ways. raz orange and black witch's legs halloween decoration The classic style of Witch Legs in orange and black stripes with black shoes. These legs have a bit of green tinsel around the ankles. They are about 19 inches in length and made of Polyester. Try these ideas for decorating with your Witch legs:

Flying witch who has crashed into a tree (light pole, lamp post, garage door, front door, etc)

Legs extending from the chimney.

Legs sticking out from underneath a table, cabinet, or bed.

Legs sticking out upside down as if crashed into a flower pot.

The other style of Witch Legs from RAZ are purple and black. They are just a little bit shorter at 16 inches and have spider webs on the legs. The shoes are purple. These legs also are made of Polyester. raz witch legsThe black and purple legs are in stock now and the orange and black should be arriving soon to Trendy Tree. Happy Halloween! It will be here before you know it. Lemon Tree Creations Blog has a really cute way of using Witch Legs. In her wreath, she actually made the witch's legs. Take a look at her photo and browse her blog for the instructions. Great ideas can be found there! Just click on the photo for details. witch legs wreath
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