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RAZ Witch's Legs

RAZ Witch's Legs can be used several different ways for your Halloween decorating. You can suspend them from the chimney, have them peeking out from underneath the bed or sofa. Close a trunk lid or similar style box on them. Sticking out from a closet door. Underneath a pumpkin.Use them with a hat and broken broom for the "witch flying into the tree" front door, or wall effect.
These witch legs are made of polyester, measure about 16", have spider leg stockings in black and purple shoes.
Above is a more traditional style of witch legs with orange and black stocking, black shoes and a bit of green tinsel at the ankles. These legs are made of polyester and measure about 19" Visit us at Trendy Tree and see all the new items from the RAZ Black and Bling collection for 2011. Items will be arriving in June/July 2011.
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