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RAZ Spring 2012

Hard to think about spring right in the middle of Christmas crunch time here at Trendy Tree.....but our 2012 Spring RAZ Products have been ordered! Here's a little sneak peek at some of the new categories from RAZ. Just as soon as we get a little slack time in the shop, I'll start uploading the new products coming in in January, 2012 for Spring.

"Bunny Tales"

This collection contains the very popular hydrangea bunnies. This year the bunnies have a little different look with their ears laid back instead of standing up. These bunnies are also holding little baskets.


Candlelight is a new category I'm very excited about for Spring. New paraffin wax candles that are battery powered and have timers!

These realistic candles can be set using their timer function to stay on 5 hours and repeat every 19 hours. They operate off 3 AAA batteries. Several different sizes have been ordered and will be available.


Kaboom is the patriotic category from RAZ this year. Seems this category is just growing and growing each year! Last year was our first year having the lighted top hats and they were a great seller. When you first look at these items you think "Fourth of July." But actually, there are several more opportunities to use these decorations...Memorial Day, Labor Day, President's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, welcoming home our soldiers.....lots of opportunities to go crazy with the red, white and blue.

"Patio Brights"

Items we chose from the Patio Brights collection were mainly the battery powered lanterns in all sorts of sizes and colors.

Stay tuned......we'll start getting new items on the website real soon!

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