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RAZ Rustic Easter Collection

RAZ Rustic Easter Collection

raz-easter-2-15-bunnies RAZ Rustic Easter Collection for 2015
The 2015 RAZ Rustic Easter Collection is chocked full of goodies this year! We saw lots of burlap and grasses used in decorating along with traditional burlap/lace and pastel colors. Here's a few images we took while in the showroom. If you view some of the products right now, they will show "sold out" on the website, but it's not that they are sold out, they just haven't arrived as yet. If you're interested in purchasing any of the items, you can enter your email address on the product page to be notified just as soon as the item arrives.
raz-rustic-easter-bunny-overalls RAZ Rustic Bunny in Overalls - E3536104
This adorable rustic bunny in overalls is made of some type of grass and Styrofoam. He is dressed in a pastel plaid shirt and overalls. So cute! Has a little wicker basket on his back filled with eggs and grass. He measures around 24" in ht and will be a beautiful centerpiece for your Spring or Easter decorating. Here's a closeup of his face the eyes)))
raz-rustic-easter-bunny-closeup RAZ Rustic Bunny in Overalls - E3536104
Need something for your vegetable garden centerpiece......we have carrots! Three or four different styles that will perfect accents for your creations. This first one is a single carrot....but it's rather large at about 16.5" inches in length. It's made of twig and Styrofoam.
raz-rustic-easter-single-carrot RAZ Rustic Carrot E3536101
Another fat grassy carrot was turned into a buggy driven by a cute little rabbit! It measures about 10" in length and is made of polyfoam and twig. Adorable!
raz-rustic-easter-rabbit-carrot RAZ Rustic Easter Bunny driven Carrot E3552252
raz-rustic-easter-burlap-carrots-large RAZ Rustic Easter Bundle of 12" Carrots E355225
The above burlap carrot bundle has three carrots made of burlap and polyfoam tied with a jute string. Lightweight and perfect for just laying on a table or using in a centerpiece or wreath. This bundle of carrots also will be available in a smaller size. This bundle of orange burlap carrots measures around 9"
raz-rustic-easter-burlap-carrots RAZ Rustic Easter 9" Carrot Bundle E3552250
raz-rustic-easter-burlap-bunny-head-stick RAZ Rustic Easter Burlap Bunny Head on a Stick 3516039
Cute burlap bunny heads on a stick. Love the shape of these little guys. Their ears have pink or green touches along with a little bow on top of their head. Great for using on wreaths and centerpieces or popping in a flower pot filled with grass and goodies. They measure about 11.5" in length and the heads are around 3" (that 3" doesn't include the length of the ears).
raz-rustic-easter-bunny-set-2 RAZ Rustic Easter Bunny Set of 2 3521911
This bunny is one of a set of two bunnies. The other bunny is laying down. This bunny is made of jute and polyfoam for a different look this year. Really nice to have something different from paper for a change. He's two-toned with shades of tan and cream. All these items are for decoration only, they aren't toys to be played with. Here's the other bunny that goes with this set. Love the longer ears))) Note the burlap Easter eggs in the crate. They come in a bag of three and are made of different textured burlap fabric with different trims. The product number is E3553310. They measure about 4" in size.
raz-rustic-easter-bunny-burlap-eggs RAZ Rustic Easter Bunny Set of 2 3521911
raz-rustic-easter-12-inch-bunnies RAZ Rustic Easter Set of 12" Bunnies 3452341
This is another set of the rustic burlap bunnies and they have a green sheer ribbon tied around their neck. They will be sold in sets of 2 and measure around 12". Love the shaggy looking ears)))
raz-rustic-easter-bunny-backpack RAZ Rustic Easter Bunny with Basket on Back 3521909
This adorable bunny was one of my favorites! It's made of jute and poly foam and measures around 18". But the little basket holding a baby bunny on it's back is just adorable. Has a green burlap bow around it's neck and made in shades of tan and cream. Sure to be easy to find a home for these bunnies))) Well by far, this isn't all our Easter products from RAZ for this year, but we wanted to go ahead and share a few of the showroom images with you. We'll be posting more later!
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