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RAZ Mason Jar String Lights

RAZ Mason Jar String Lights

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and while the real meaning behind Memorial day is to honor the men and women who died serving their country, many of us will do this by getting together with friends and family. When there is friends and family, there is food! And decorations! These RAZ string lights are battery powered and make for perfect table decorations. These string lights have timers that you can set and forget, or just switch them on and off. They are operated by three AA batteries. Some are for indoor use and some are for outdoor, so be sure to look at the description closely.
G3740603 RAZ Green Mason Jar Lights
G3725575 RAZ Green Mason Jar Lights
G3725576 RAZ Clear Jar Red Cap Lights
G3625558 RAZ Clear Jar Lights
These next two light strands are not jars, but one is an industrial cage light. The industrial trend in home decor has been very popular this year!
G3721502 RAZ Cage Light Strand
G3721500 RAZ Bee Hive Strand Lights
So take this opportunity to light up your holidays and use this coupon code to get 20% off the above products until the end of May (5/30/18) The code is "mason" Just apply the code to your checkout page. Also, here's a link to a YouTube Live video that we did today showing the lights. It gives you a close up look.
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