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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
RAZ Lighted Pinecone Garland and Antler Spray Centerpiece

RAZ Lighted Pinecone Garland and Antler Spray Centerpiece

raz-lighted-pinecone-garland-antler-spray-centerpiece Another stunning centerpiece creation by the RAZ designers using the battery powered Lighted Pinecone Twig Garland and Antler sprays. This centerpiece was created using an assortment of pinecone sprays, berry branches, greenery, the Pinecone Twig Garland and three of the Antler sprays. We have the garland and Antler sprays in stock, and some other items that you could substitute with and still have a similar look. The white Holly Sleigh used in the centerpiece came from the Ice Garden Collection and measures 23". We don't carry this item, but we do have a 21.5 Resin Sleigh in a classic red/green color combination that would work equally as well.
3214625-sentimental-season-sleigh Sentimental Season Sleigh 3214625
Not a lot of decorations are keepsakes, but this Sentimental Season Sleigh would be one of those items that you could keep for years and re-decorate so many ways. It would make a very nice family gift....filled with greenery...candies and ornaments..... elves.......scented pinecones....lots of decorating potential. We have several branches that would work in this creation. The first being a large Pinecone Branch that measures about 18"
f3211946-pinecone-spray RAZ Pinecone Branch f3211946

This RAZ Pinecone Branch is all pinecone, so you will need something else with some greenery.

f3202585-glittered-pinecone-branch RAZ Glittered Pinecone Branch F3202585

The RAZ Glittered Pinecone Branch contains both some pinecones and pine needles, but you would still need to add a few more sprays of greenery.

The focal point of the centerpiece is the RAZ Antler sprays from the Tiny Tannenbaum collection. A total of three were used in the RAZ creation.


The branches are quite large at about 36", made of a heavy plastic for a realistic deer antler look.


The RAZ Lighted Pinecone Garland is a perfect choice for this centerpiece because it is battery powered. This would allow the centerpiece to placed in an area where no electrical cords would be required. Here are more details about this very popular garland by RAZ:

  • Made of Led & Wire
  • Measures 6'
  • Requires 3 AA Batteries
  • Battery Operated with Timer
  • 6 Hour Timer, Repeats Every 18 Hours
  • Indoor Use Only
  • 60 Warm White Led Lights
  • With Brown Stem
  • Lights Approx 12,000 Hours
F3302441-pine-berry-spray-tiny-tannenbaums RAZ Pine Berry Spray F3302441

A touch of red could be added with this RAZ Pine Berry Spray. The pine needles on this spray are a new style for this year. They are flat like and made of foam. It really makes the needles stand out more.

The Pine Berry Spray is new for 2013 and comes from the Tiny Tannenbaums collection. You might want to browse through the Tiny Tannenbaums Collection for more items that would blend well with this centerpiece.

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