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RAZ To Be Jolly Mantel Decoration

RAZ To Be Jolly Mantel Decoration

raz-mantel-to-be-jolly-collection RAZ To Be Jolly Collection
RAZ shows us a very simple mantel decoration only using about three products. The first is a RAZ Snowed Pine Spray....that we are already sold out of I'm afraid. But you could substitute with other snowed sprays such as this one:
F3417613-white-snowy-branch F3417613 RAZ Snowy Branch
To take the pace of the Snowball Spray, this Snowy Pine Ball Spray would work equally as well.
f3317291-snowy-pine-ball-spray F3317291 RAZ Snowy Pine Ball Spray.
G3416410-lighted-bulb-garland G3416410 RAZ Lighted Bulb Garland
The RAZ Lighted Bulb Garland measures about 96" and is electric. It should be a good fit for most mantels. But if yo needed to add in a few more bulbs, the same bulb comes in a spray also.
F3416411-light-bulb-spray-set-2 F3416411 RAZ Light Bulb Spray
The RAZ Red Wired Mesh Garland is 6" in length, wired for easy shaping.
G3406966-red-mesh-wired-garland G3406966 RAZ Red Mesh Wired Garland
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