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RAZ Imports Christmas Decoration Video - Elves, Garland, Swag, Wall Tree and Centerpiece

RAZ Imports Christmas Decoration Video - Elves, Garland, Swag, Wall Tree and Centerpiece


RAZ Imports designer demonstrating how to create the beautiful garland, wall tree and centerpiece using pre-lit garlands, picks and swag pieces.

Just click on the image to watch. I really like the way he took two swag pieces and placed them upside down in the red container for a table top tree.....great idea.

The red and green elves will be in the Merry Mistletoe collection this year and available in 3-4 sizes. Love the way he has them just sitting in a sleigh.....simple enough, even I could do that!


The RAZ Elves are such fun products to work with! They are wired so they can be bent and posed into all sorts of positions. You can place them on the tree, mantel, centerpieces like the large resin sleigh, or even hang them upside from your light fixture or stair railing. The Elves in the photo are from the Merry Mistletoe collection for 2013 and are a tradition red, lime and darker green. Trendy Tree will have them in a 36" and 20" size and they should start arriving this summer. This style is returning from last year because it is so popular, but there will also be another red/green elf available that is brand new for 2013. We'll post about it later)))


The RAZ Sleigh is a statement centerpiece in itself. It's very large at 21.5", heavy, made of durable resin and the colors are very rich. It is a dark red with green trim and would make a very nice gift and the sort of Christmas decoration that creates a tradition. You can bring it back each year and place in different areas of your home and decorate it in all sorts of different way. Placing the elves in it with a bit of greenery as shown in the video gives it a whimsical could place a small container inside and use it for fresh greenery.....fill with vintage Christmas ornaments.......or a Santa figurine......hmmm.....I make need to take one of these out of stock for our family! The Sleigh is in stock now and ready to ship!

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